Getting ready for Halloween

Posted on 30th October 2013

For centuries Halloween has been thought of a sacred and spooky time whereby the veil between this world and the world of the spirits is at it’s thinnest and most sacred. This is in fact, true to say that you can communicate with your departed loved ones most easily at this time and also it is at the time of Halloween that you may see more ghosts or spirits than usual. 

To start get white and also orange candles, gently scent them with a mixture of orange and cedarwood oil taking care not to touch the wick of the candle. Place the anointed candles on a heat proof base such as a glass or wooden base ready for the evening. Take your pumpkins and take your time carving out the centre and cutting out the shapes for eyes, nose and mouth. This is the time when you can be very creative with your designs. You can ,if you wish also purchase witches items such as a witches’ hat, broom stick and incense. The best incense to use at this time is a mixture of 6 drops of rose oil to 3 drops of frankincense. Take your time preparing everything and remember energy follows thought, so think of loving thoughts while you enjoy preparing for the evening ritual. If like me, you have many neighbours with children, then you will also need: Apples Or toffee apples Sweets Oranges Chocolate And even a few golden chocolate coins for the trick or treaters! 

Start the evening by returning to your home, prepare a hearty meal, lentil soup or a casserole is excellent as it will not be too heavy on your digestion, enjoy with crusty bread. At 7-8pm, say the Lord’s Prayer with the focus of becoming balanced from within, remember the old adage: “ask and ye shall receive" Do not be frightened at this time to ask for help, as you wish to communicate with your departed loved ones. Please remember it is the focus of intention that is paramount at this time. Most people have experienced their loved ones after their death: the scent of their perfume, the sound of a whisper of their voice but at this time: Halloween is the time to see your loved ones and be able to communicate with them again. 

Place your orange (one) and also white (two) candles on your fire place or at the point is North on a compass, in your home. Light the candles and some incense or burn some frankincense and rose oils in a suitable oil burner. It is important to have a window open in the room but not to have a draught in the house. You must NOT snuff the candles but allow them to burn down naturally, so you need to have everything in your room that you need and do not leave the candles unattended. Once you have lit the candles, ask God to help you link to your loved ones, you may say this out loud, and say their names loud and clear. 

Talk to your departed loved ones as if they were in the room, ask the Ministering Angels to help you have a clear heart, clear mind and with clear and positive intention. Play some relaxing music and allow yourself to become at one with the sounds of the classical music. This is not the time to watch a scary movie but is the time for you to relax and enjoy your time alone with the spirits. You may wish to turn out some lights and make the room dimmer, and sit and day dream of good times past and think of the person you wish to communicate with, when you think they do hear you. Breath in golden light, visualising yourself glowing from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, breath in calmness and positivity and breath out negativity, asking for help to become more attuned to everyday life and spiritual matters. You may find at this time that you wish to sleep , if that is the case please do snuff out the candles, at this time only after you have said, “thank you and praise be" to your god , to your divine spirit or to your ministering angels and your relatives of times gone by. 

It may be that you have particularly vivid dreams not just on Halloween but also a few days afterwards. It is beneficial to keep a dream diary at this time as there may be messages that come through that you do not realise until you read your notes later on. This is a time for saying thank you to remembering your loved ones and also communicating with them again. If you are on the same wave length as them you will also be lucky enough to see them again, which will be the most amazing experience ever, they will look so full of life and joy to see you and you will almost want to touch them , but although you cannot touch them with your hands, you can however touch them with your heart , you see love is eternal and timeless it has no bounds and Halloween is the most perfect time for you to honour your loved ones and they also honour you. 

Have a heartfelt lovely Halloween and if you see a ghost do not be frightened because they will most likely be one of your relatives, sometimes ones that you may only have met as a baby or never met at all. Remember in Pagan Times Halloween was the Ritual of the Witches’ New Year…so enjoy! Blessed Be. Nadia #0606  






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