Your Higher Self

Posted on 7th November 2013

I cannot count the amount of times when I have been giving readings or sending out Reiki healing energies, being asked what is your Higher Self? Please allow me now to introduce you to your Higher Self and connect with it whenever you feel the need

Your Higher Self is the channel that is used by your guides and angels when they want to communicate with you, your physical self is a projection on earth and whenever you get a sudden thought or moment of inspiration, this is your Higher Self letting you know which path to take and which direction to go in.

You can connect with your Higher Self through some quiet meditation. Don't worry, you don't have to adopt the usual Lotus position that is always been advertised as part of yoga. Your guides and angels want you to be as comfortable as possible so just relax in an armchair or rest on your bed and then you can begin the process. If you want to light some candles, use white candles and you can also play some music if you want to. Remember there are no rules and regulations with this connection, it is whatever you feel good with.

Now when you are feeling relaxed and comfortable, empty your mind as much as possible and then visualise a large poster which says yes or no, this is your first connection with your Higher Self and when you feel ready, ask your Higher Self a simple question and see which poster projects in your mind. Don't worry if this does not work the first time you try, this process needs to be rooted naturally.

Once you establish connection with your Higher Self, you will be probably find that this will be communicating with you on a regular basis.

For instance, when I am giving readings, my higher self wants to interrupt to tell me something and I have to take time out to communicate back that I am busy with something and as soon as I am free, the message for me can come through properly and I am at ease to understand it completely.

Once you are in touch with your Higher Self, you may want to make a weekly appointment time to make sure that you have the time and the peaceful setting to communicate as this way when you are busy with something else that needs your full concentration, your Higher Self can retain any messages or guidance for your arranged appointment time.

When you are happy with the connection, then we can explore the path way to your personal guides and angels via your Higher Self and continue your spiritual journey to new pastures and spiritual arenas.

In the meantime, enjoy making friends with your High Self and personal times together.



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