New Year, New Karma, New Year Love

Posted on 30th December 2014

With the passing of each year we release karma and move into a new cycle of learning and growing. The Law of Karma is spun out through a lifetime with yearly cycles broken down into manageable monthly chunks. As 2014 winds down let go of the old energies and prepare to welcome in 2015 with a positive mindset.

Letting Go Of Negative Energy.

Each New Year is the beginning of a new cycle of karma. This karma is made up of layers of energy carried through from the past, and by completing an annual cycle you move into a new level of consciousness. As we go through each month we are presented with an opportunity to work off the negative energies of karma, in an amount we are able to endure. This is why it is important to patient with yourself and your challenges.

What Is Karma? 

Karma is the accumulation of negative actions stored up over many lifetimes. It is made up of actions and consequences and is the principle invisible power that balances the Universe. In everyday life terms you can think of karma as the payback for actions and deeds. The expression ‘what goes around, comes around’ succinctly sums up karma perfectly. This is why we sometimes experience repeat patterns in life. Reflect upon the times when you thought you’d finally met Mr Wonderful, but the experience turned out to be more painful and heart breaking than the previous relationship. This is karma showing you that you still have some cycle business to work through.

Out With The Old

As we enter 2015 get ready to embrace the new cycle of energy and be open to learning your life lessons. Often, when times are hard, we stubbornly refuse to accept the situation we are in. The acceptance, with humility, of any situation life brings to our door will help you work through the cycle of karma that is yours. To gain a better understanding of past life karma you may still have to release it is worth consulting with an experienced spiritual reader. The spiritual reading will give you valuable insight and clarity so that you can more easily identify the negative karma you need to shift and release. You can then work through karma in leaps and bounds.

In With The New

If your love life has taken some hard knocks in the past and you have all but given up on finding love now is the time to prepare for positive changes. As your karma begins a new cycle choose to view the coming year’s experiences as positively necessary. Work off your karma by making the right choices. This may mean that you stop to consider the possible consequences of all actions before deciding which decision to make. Accept the challenges and lessons that love puts in your way, as these will make you stronger and will stop you making any new karma. Relinquish old karma by opening yourself up to new possibilities. Set your intentions for the New Year!  


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