Will Theresa May Win the Election…

Our reader Paul tells us…

Theresa may born 1st of October 1956  is a Libra

Ruling planet Venus

Libra’s enjoy the fine things in life and Theresa may is no exception, the nine of cups is a great card for this fashion conscious lady and you can bet she will be planning her wardrobe for the upcoming general election.

Nothing flashy for Theresa though, you can expect to see her dressed in outfits that make a statement but nothing over the top, yellow and pale blue will be the colours she will choose when she is out shopping for her new outfits.

Libra people are sociable and romantic and the temperance card says a lot about Theresa’s social and love life.

This lady loves to party and meeting new people and will make every effort to attend functions and party’s she will rarely turn down an opportunity to socialise,

Theresa loves being the centre of attention and can get a bit flirty at times even when her husband is around.

Will Theresa may win the general election?

The ace of wands suggests that she is about to start a new venture, this could mean that she is going to win the election or it could mean she is going to lose and retire.

She has the capability to carry on the role however she can be a gullible and listen to what others say she can also be indecisive and change her mind. I think the ace of wands is telling us she is going to win the election but she must trust her gut feeling when making decisions.

Credit to Agent 5077 – Paul.

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