Or Will Jeremy Corbyn Win the Election…

Our reader Paul tells us…

Jeremy Corbyn born 26th of May 1949 – Gemini

Leader of the Labour Party

Ruling planet – Mercury

Gemini’s are young at heart which is just as well as Mr Corbyn turns sixty seven on the 26th of May.

Will his age effect his election campaign?

The moon card shows two wolves howling at the moon, in the distance are two mountains and what’s behind them is a mystery,

Don’t let Jeremys age put you off. This card tells us that this man knows what he is doing and has the courage to stand up for what he believes in, although he has many mountains to conquer he will get over them and the moon will light up the path which will lead him in to battle.

Geminis like the casual look and this is definitely the case with Mr Corbyn.

The six of cups suggests that he has been wearing the same style of clothes for years and would usually buy like for like when he has worn them out.

He does not care about designer labels or how much his clothes have cost as long as they are comfortable to wear.

The world card tells us Mr Corbyn loves the lady’s, he is more compatible with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

This card strongly suggests that he can be unpredictable with his relationships and can change his mind with who he wants to be with at a drop of a hat.

Will Jeremy Corbyn win the election?

He has all the qualities needed to win the election, being a Gemini he finds it easy to explain himself and he can think on the spot however I have dealt the ten of wands reversed which tells us that the opposition have a stronger campaign. Although Jeremy will fight and try to build a new last minute strategy he will get piped at the post.

Credit to Agent 5077 – Paul.

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