What Is Aeromancy?

We’ve all done it… Gazing up at the sky and admiring the cloud formation is a fascinating pastime that can easily while away the hours. The shapes of the clouds can usually be interpreted in forms that are very familiar to us. The art of cloud reading, and divining the future using the weather, is known as aeromancy.

The Origins Of Aeromancy

Aeromancy is one of the oldest forms of divination. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that Gods were in charge of controlling the weather, and the clouds were symbolic signs that displayed the Gods’ emotions and feelings towards the people. The word ‘aeromancy’ is derived from the Greek ‘aero’  (meaning air) and ‘mateia’ (divination). It is also believed that the practice of aeromancy was also a divination method favoured by the ancient Babylonian priests.

Popular weather related Gods and Goddesses include:

  • Adad – the Babylonian God of prophecy, thunder and lightning
  • Adti – the Hindu Goddess of the sky
  • Agni – the Hindu god of the sun and lightning
  • Amon – the Egyptian God of wind, fertility and secrets
  • Tinia – the Etruscan God of lightning
  • Thor – the Norse God of thunder
  • Zeus – the Greek God of the sky

Aeromancy Classification

Aeromancy is classified as one of the seven ‘forbidden arts’ that date back to Renaissance times. The divination method combines the interpretation and reading of cloud formations, wind currents and cosmological events, like comets. Under the term ‘aeromancy’ are several sub-categories that are used to predict the future. These include:

  • Anemoscopy (also known as Austromancy) – wind divination
  • Ceraunoscopy – observing thunder and lightning
  • Chaomancy – aerial vision
  • Nephomancy – observing the movement of the clouds
  • Meteormancy – meteors and shooting stars

Aeromancy How To:

On a fine day, grab a blanket and find a quiet spot outside. Get yourself relaxed and grounded, as you think about a question that you would like an answer to. Close your eyes and focus on your question for a minute or two. When you are ready to receive your answer, open your eyes and examine the sky above for clues.

Explore the shapes of the clouds. Once you can see a clear, familiar shape examine the cloud’s position, in proximity to other clouds. You may find an expanded answer to your question, if you also interpret the shifting of the cloud formation.

Cloud reading is a personal experience. No two people will interpret a cloud in exactly the same way. Therefore the image that you identify as your answer will hold a special meaning just for you.

Common Cloud Formation Interpretations

Aeromancy can tell you a lot about yourself.

How you interpret the pattern and formation of the clouds can reveal your fears, hopes and desires. Your subconscious mind is directing you to spot particular forms that reflect your inner self.

Angels – angelic forms are connecting you with your spiritual side, and suggesting that you open up to receive guidance, and pay attention to your intuition

Babies – seeing the form of a baby or child could be showing you that you are ready to settle down

Cats – feline shapes indicate that you are expanding your natural psychic abilities

Circles – signify a feeling of completion and satisfaction with life

Buildings – skyscraper buildings reveal your inner confidence, whilst small buildings symbolise that your self-esteem and self-worth need some work

Hearts – heart shaped clouds are alerting you to the fact that love is all around you, even if you think that it is not.

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