What Is A Soul Sister?

Posted on 14th September 2016

More and more spiritually open and enlightened women are realising that they have strong spiritual connections with women who have a similar energetic frequency. This strong, all female connection is often referred to as a ‘soul sister’, and is a special bond that supports your spiritual development and soul growth. Soul sisters can be:

  • Blood sisters
  • Close friends
  • Other family members – aunt, cousin, step-sister, step-mother, grandmother
  • A mentor, teacher or guide
  • An inspiring woman who uplifts you

Girl Power.

Women naturally encourage each other and usually want the best for their female friends. Soul sisters provide the same level of encouragement you may receive from your best girlfriend, but this sister also offers spiritual support to ensure that you always shine your authentic inner light. As soul sisters you have shared past life connections together and have established a strong bond that will help you on your continued spiritual journey. When you live your life from a place of love, instead of fear, you will find that the connections that you make with other women (and men, for that matter) are on a deeper, more meaningful level. This is because you share a higher vibrational frequency and are jointly expressing pure joy, happiness and authenticity.

Typical Soul Sister Traits.

Soul sisters come in all ages, shapes and sizes and generally appear in your life at transformative moments. When a soul sister shows up in your life get ready to enjoy a mutually beneficial spiritual connection.

Your soul sister:

  • Does not judge you.
  • Always encourages you, even when you feel that you want to give up.
  • Communicates from a genuine place of love, and always tells you the truth.
  • Encourages you to be your authentic self.
  • Sees your beauty – even when you don’t.
  • Makes you feel safe whenever you are feeling vulnerable.
  • Is always ready to laugh and cry with you.
  • Is genuinely happy for you when you are successful.
  • Treats you like a life-long friend.


When you are in the company of your soul sister no topic of conversation is ever off limits. You both talk openly and freely about things that matter to you. There is also no competition between you, because you both want the best for your ‘sister’. This unique bond of friendship can easily extend beyond time and distance because you are connected on a soul level. Even though you may not spend physical time together you are always in each other’s minds and hearts. Regardless of the age difference between you and your soul sister there is a shared deep mutual respect, total honesty and authenticity. For some women, their soul sister is an inspiring, confident woman with mentor qualities and the wisdom of age. For others, their soul sister is someone to share heart-felt thoughts and feelings with, without fear of being judged or criticised. 

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