Weird & Wacky Halloween Superstitions

There are many superstitions that surround the annual celebration of Halloween, on 31st October. Whether you get spooked out by a black cat crossing your path, or are super careful about not breaking any mirrors, there are many more strange habits to consider, that are equally irrational.

Candle Magic

Candles play a significant part in the celebration of Halloween. It’s commonly believed that placing a lit candle inside a carved pumpkin Jack-o-lantern keeps evil spirits and demons at bay.

Some people believe that lighting an orange candle at midnight invites good luck into your home. During Halloween, if a burning candle suddenly goes out by itself, a spirit or ghost is in close proximity!

Gazing into the flame of a candle is a form of pyromancy (otherwise known as fire reading). On Halloween night you can look into the candle flame and peer into your future.

Protection Against Evil Spirits

To prevent witches and evil spirits from entering your home, it’s common practice to place a horseshoe, or the St Andrew’s cross, on your door. Many people extend this form of protection by placing the ornamental objects by the fireplace, to stop the witches and spirits entering via the chimney.

One of the strangest Halloween superstitions is holding your breath, as you walk or drive past a cemetery. This is believed to prevent any evil spirits from entering your body!

Witchy Encounters

If you’re open to experiencing a witchy encounter on Halloween night, all you have to do is put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards.

Footsteps In The Dark

If you’re out trick or treating on Halloween night, and you hear footsteps close behind you, don’t turn around to see who it is! Ancient folklore will have you believe that is it Death who lurks behind you.

Love Spell

There are plenty of love spells that were often practiced to help identify a future lover or spouse. One of the most common Halloween love spells involves placing a silver coin and a sprig of rosemary under your pillow at night. You will have sweet dreams about y

our perfect partner.

Black Cats

Black cats are often associated with Halloween, witches, witchcraft and ritual magic. It’s commonly considered that a black cat walking towards you brings you good fortune. If the cat walks away, it takes your good luck with it.

Owl Omens

Owls are considered to be a bad omen, particularly during Halloween. If you happen to see one, you need to protect yourself against misfortune and evil curses by immediately turning your pockets inside out!

Spider Visitations

Many people believe that spiders deliver special messages from beyond the grave on Halloween night. If you see a spider, a loved one is watching over you tonight. If a spider accidentally falls into the flame of a lit candle, witches are visiting you.

Happy Birthday!

Anyone born on October 31st has double the reason to celebrate on Halloween. You are also likely to be viewed as someone who is able to see and talk to spirits.

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