Scorpio Latest Horoscope

6 September - 12 September  2021:  The Cancer new moon is a time for you to play and create. What have you been interested in recently? Can you allow yourself to indulge in it? This is a time for you to realise when you aren't committing to yourself and need to find balance in pleasure vs. everything else. 

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23rd October to 21st November

There's a great deal of fuel to keep your fire raging today, Scorpio

Powerful situations are apt to come your way in which you’re asked to take decisive action. Don’t shy away from added responsibility. Your ego is very strong, which helps you take charge of any situation. Just make sure that you don’t step on anyone’s toes in the process.

Scorpio Love Horoscope & Relationships

The Scorpio is unlike any other of the signs of the zodiac, they will not give their heart up quickly as they are very weary of trusting another person. When a Scorpio does love they love deeply and intensely, they are very passionate about anything they get involved in; when they fall in love they are very affectionate and loyal however they are demanding and possessive. They have a way of being totally in tune with their partner by picking up their vibe and give their partner what they want without asking.

Scorpio Money And Career

Money is very important to a Scorpio and they are extremely focused on making money. From an early age a Scorpio will value their successes by the money they have made. Scorpios like items that reflect their success such as expensive cars and branded clothing, they are very generous with their money. Scorpios are extremely ambitions, highly motivated and persistent when comes to their career, they don’t back down when a challenge seems to great, they can come across as Power hungry and controlling, however to a Scorpio they will work for hard for what they want and justify their need to control a situation for the best outcome, To an employer a Scorpio is a valued assets as they will always achieve big results, however they find it difficult build a good relationships with their colleagues as they will always show them the ‘right way’ of doing things, however a Scorpio is not selfish with their success and are more than willing to take others under their wing to help them achieve.

Scorpio Character

The Scorpio is often referred to as the most powerful sign of the zodiac, they are also known as the “oldest soul” this is because they are old and wise even from an early age.

Scorpios are strong, magnetic and determined and they have a great desire to achieve. They are dynamic and have very high energy levels. A Scorpio will turn heads when they walk in the room; people are drawn to their allure of mystery and inner strength under their cool, detached exterior.

They are given to powerful emotional extremes which can be very positive and negative, as like their symbol they definitely have a sting in their tail if you cross them.

A Scorpio can be very dominating to their partners if they believe them to be weaker than them, once they find the right person that will keep them interested and remain a challenge they will mate for life.

Compatible star signs: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces.

Scorpio Sex

Scorpio is one of sexist signs in the zodiac they use sex as a way of exploring life, feelings and people. The Scorpio’s Ruling plant is Pluto , this makes them powerful and difficult to predict, and will influence a Scorpios changing their sexuality throughout their life.

With a Scorpio sex with never be reduced to just lust, it is always deeply emotional and passionate; their sex drive is so intense because it is a remedy to a Scorpio able to lift them out of a depression or feelings or anxiety and stress.

When it comes to what they like in the bedroom the main aspect they want is control, they are defiantly a very kinky sign fond of bondage and vampire fanaasies.

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