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The zodiac symbol of Sagittarius

Sagittarius Love Horoscope & Relationships

Sagittarians can fall madly in love very quickly however unlike most other fire signs they can fall out of love just as quickly, if there is a small issue or the spark as gone they won’t work on it they will walk away.

Sagittarius Character

Sagittarius’ are the nomads of the zodiac, seeking adventure and excitement. Freedom is so important to a Sagittarius that they will make decisions based on the amount of freedom that they will get by making that choice. They are bright optimistic and positive, they honestly believe that no matter what has happened something good is always coming round the corner and the sun will shine again. They are always late or miss a date, this is only because they are so forward thinking they forget the present.

Sagittarius is very lucky, they will always be at the right place and right time for good things to happen, this can be because they are so positive and optimistic.

Sagittarius tends to have a higher intellect which understands philosophical, metaphysical and spiritual concepts.

They are very kind and giving, willing to go to great lengths for a friend, their kindness is selfless, and they do not expect anything in return.

They are notoriously hard to get to commit, they are a free spirit and even though they love being in love they still feel like they are being tied down to a partner. When a Sagittarius is in love they are very passionate, generous and very open with their partners, they have bags of energy and are best suited to a steady strong personality who will understand their need for freedom.

Compatible Star Signs: Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius

Sagittarius Sex

Sagittarius has a very high and strong sex-drive they are impulsive and sometimes conquest-oriented, they can easily separate sex from emotion, however intimacy and security are important to Sagittarius but this isn’t linked to their sexual desires. They will try anything once and are not afraid of labels, hence a large number of Sagittarians maintaining a appearance of heterosexuality while dallying with members of both sexes. They get caught in fetishes quickly and for a while that will be all they want for example stocking fetish however this fetish can disappear and they are on to the next thing to try.

Sagiuttarius Money and Career

Sagittarian will spend a lot of money but they are very good at making money to spend, they love money and what It will bring which is fun and freedom to have adventures. They are said to be the luckiest zodiac and their luck with money is one of the reasons, they are not worried about the future as they have such optimistic attitude that everything will turn out ok, and it does in a Sagittarius’ case.

Sagittarians are big thinkers and they set goals at the top for wealth, success and fame. They are very hard workers they will aim to please their bosses, and co-workers, they are dependable and trustworthy and need to be challenged. They are very friendly to work with and will always help their colleagues. Sagittarian’s are good at contributing intelligent ideas or new methods to improve the working environment as a whole. They will excel at a profession that will allow them to be in contact with many different people and travel to new, exiting locations.

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