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The zodiac symbol of Pisces

Pisces Love Horoscope & Relationships

Ruled by the mystical Neptune, Pisces is the most romantic sign of the zodiac. They get caught up in the dream of the perfect romance with the strong belief they will find the ‘One’ for them their soul mate, because of this constant search for true love they will go through many disastrous love affairs.

Pisces Character

Pisces is the most mature of the zodiac; they are very compassionate and unconditionally loving people, they will always be your shoulder to lean on, that one true friend who will always help you out, However sometimes they are so busy focusing on other things they forget to take care of themselves.

They are known to be able to absorb an environment or situation completely and have very strong intuition; they are the most emotional of the zodiac no other sign can “feel” like a Pisces.

Pisces symbol depicts one fish heading upward and other pulling downward, this represents the yin and the yang of the Pisces always pulling in two separate directions, usually getting them in a muddle.

Pisces Sex

Pisces are a very sexual sign; they are interested in many different sexual acts and partners. They are usually bisexual finding both sexes attractive, they have a way of tuning into their partners sexual wavelengths as a result they can take their partner to their perfect fantasy’s. They are a natural flirt, however they are loyal they will not turn to someone outside of a relationship, however if they need to feel wanted and will become depressed if thing in the bedroom turn cold.

Pisces Money and Career

Pisces are imaginative and would want to make a career where they would be able to live their dream, they have a perfect view of how their lives could be due to their keen intuition, they are motivated by their passion for creative self-expression, they would take job satisfaction over monetary gains. They are very friendly so will get on well in the work place and their contribution will often be creative and unusual as a Pisces can think outside the box and come up with unique but ingenious solutions.

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