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The zodiac symbol of Libra

Libra Love Horoscope & Relationships

Libra’s ruling plant is Venus the plant of love, and it is love that they seek especially when it comes to relationships and Libra almost has a life time goal to find their soul mate, they will go to great lengths to meet that one who is for them, and when they find that person they give a lot into the relationship.

Libra Character

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, which represents the high point of the seasons, where the harvest of al the hard work of the spring is reaped. Librans are among the most civilized of the entire zodiac, they tend to avoid extreme emotions neither getting to angry nor too happy. A Libra is usually good looking with an elegance, charm and good taste, Librans are very intelligent and creative, they are always imaginative.

Librans are brilliant at making decisions with a skill of weighing up all the options; they have a very strong internal sense of justice and balance. This skill makes them good at seeing both sides of an issue, so much so that they may have hard time committing to one side or another.

Libra has a very romantic nature they are very tender towards those they love, they make those around them feel good due to their optimism. Like all things in a Libra’s life everything is balanced, this includes their relationships. They are orientated towards partnership and cooperation. A relationship with a Libra tends to go very well because they love to keep the peace and are willing to compromise to keep their partner happy. Libra’s ability to understand human nature and human motivations also makes them adept at understanding their partner’s needs and desires they are very kind and loving towards their partners.. Ironically, Libras often have a far greater understanding of others than themselves and can sometimes be confused by their own emotions and feelings

Their kind and un-confrontational nature However can cause problems for them as they refuse to see the bad in a relationship and will often make excuses for their partners.

Compatible Star Signs with a Libra: Gemini, Aquarius, Leo and Sagittarius.

Libra Sex

Libra are sensual, generous and love to please. This makes a Libra a great lover,. Libra wants to be loved and desired by someone they, in turn find attractive and desirable. If the mutual attraction is there, the Libra will do everything it takes to please his or her partner.

The most effective way to turn on a Libra is to surround them with beauty and harmony. No loud music or outlandish bedroom display for them. Behind their appearance of calm, many Librans are quite unsure of themselves and their sexual attractiveness which makes them need to be reassured.

Libra Money and Career

Indecision can be a major problem for Libras in some work environments. In positions where quick thinking and fast decision-making is necessary, Libras will often have difficulty, and will become stressed or sometimes just “tune out”. In creative fields, or in fields where justice is balanced like law or government Libras do extremely well.

Libras are also extremely good at analysis of complex situations and emotional states, and make extremely good therapists, coaches and advisors.

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