Gemini Latest Horoscope

20th – 26th March – Happy Aries season, Gemini! This is the start of a whole new 12 month chapter where anything can happen. Can you feel the shift? This week, you're focusing on positivity and how to re-shape your goals and dreams, there's a new version of you approaching and you're ready for it.

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21st May to 20th June

You will be in the mood to spend the day doing the things

that you really love. You will consider helping people in need and will be in a generous mood. Your charitable bent of mind will bring you elevated social status and improved self-esteem, says Ganesha.

Gemini Love Horoscope & Relationships

Gemini’s in a relationship tend to take things quite casually and not to seriously to begin with. Their Differing personalities can often leave their partners confused about their true feelings however they are also very intriguing and attract people who want to work them out. Emotional attachments with Gemini’s usually run deeper than what is shown superficially, they make very supportive and exiting partners.

Gemini Money And Career

Gemini’s are very clever and quick-witted; they are adaptable with a skill in multi-tasking. Gemini’s are known to get bored easily so they have to have an interesting to keep them motivated and active. They are not scared of a challenge in fact they thrive off using their intellect. However Gemini’s needs to make sure they are objective and focused in achieving their goals. Gemini’s have a friendly and amusing manner so they are a joy to work with so they work well in teams as long as they are given room to try their hand at everything.

Gemini Character

Gemini is third in the zodiac and is the Communicator of the zodiac. People born under the Gemini are many sided thus the symbol of the Twins suiting them perfectly. They are quick both in mind and physically. They are intelligent and adaptable to every situation and every type of person. Gemini’s have a very curious and chatty nature, they are not nosy but they like to communicate with others. Since birth they have been used to multitasking they can keep many different plates spinning at one time. This is obviously a useful skill to have however it does have the down sides that Gemini’s will spread themselves very thin over different fields. Gemini’s need to make sure they practice self-discipline being aware how much they can take on, also if they focus on fewer tasks they will be able to achieve amazing results. It can be said the way to a Gemini’s heart is through their head, Gemini’s will always love intelligent conversation. Gemini’s are open-minded about different types of partners as long as their partner is articulate, tolerant and adventurous then they are suitable.

Gemini Sex

Gemini’s are the communicative and expressive lover of the zodiac. They need to be stimulated mentally before physical contact, they love sharing sensual erotic fantasies. A Gemini will always like to experiment during sex, enjoying role plays especially involving uniforms and different persona’s the thrill of getting caught also gets them going so location can be key to keeping things exitimg.

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