Cancer Latest Horoscope

20th – 26th March – It's officially Aries season and the start of a new astrological year! You can probably sense the energies changing with your highly sensitive nature, and this puts you at an advantage to set some really aligned intentions to manifest your goals and start taking action with this week's fire energy!

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21 June to 22 July

You may face unwanted events and circumstances.

As a result you will feel sad. yet you will wriggle out of it with your efficiency. Put in efforts in studies, says Ganesha. remember that in success destiny is one per cent and effort 99 per cent.

Cancer Love Horoscope & Relationships

Cancer is well known for their gentle and nurturing side when it comes to relationships. They are very loving and emotional.

Cancer Sex

Cancerians are very sensual and emotional lovers, they love feeling needed by their partner and opt for long foreplay and sensual touch, and they love nothing more than to share deep kisses. They are typically great in bed; they will cater to all the needs of their partner. When a cancer is making love to a partner they are in love with the feeling is very intense for them, it is not an entirely physical thing it is more than that it is very passionate with the heart of the cancer deeply in it.

The sexual fantasies that Cancerians will usual want would be very private and romantic, usually involving water so a long hot shower experience would be perfect.

Cancer Money And Career

Cancerians can adapt to almost any work place environment they have many natural abilities that allow them to achieve success in a wide range of professions. They will however do well in caring professions due to their nurturing nature; they find it very difficult to turn away any one in need. A Cancerians usually works best when left on his alone without anybody trying to tell them what to do they are suited to managerial roles. This is because they treat their jobs in the same respect they treat their home so they are very protective of their job and expect loyalty. If a Cancerian feels under- valued they will leave their job as they need to feel appreciated due to the loyalty they give a work place.

Cancer Character

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac, it is also a cardinal water sign, and cardinal signs govern creatively however Cancer are excellent at exploring human emotional realm. Cancer is the most subtle of Cardinal signs but don’t be fooled by the cool exterior a cancer is just as powerful as other cardinal signs.

Just like their symbol the crab they have a outer harder shell which portrays them as unemotional, uncompromising, energetic and wise however to inner softer side they are very sensitive and caring especially to those they love.

Cancerians are very much in tune with their emotions this means at times instead of rationality and logical thinking they will go on how they feel about a situation, they are not afraid of getting it wrong as they believe strongly in their intuition.

Family is very important to Cancerians they make sure family is always top of their priorities; they make loving and understanding parents however they find it difficult to let go of the children when they are ready to fly the nest.

When A cancer first begins relationships they are particularly shy and reserved which is down to their innate need for self-preservation, once they feel comfortable with their partner they are just like the water flowing and adapting within the relationship. People born under the Cancer sign play for keeps they tend to look for long term relationships .

When they are in love they are fiercely loyal to their partner, both male and females under this sign enjoy domestic activities such as cooking which help them feel secure at home. They will always keep mementos of good times as little reminders of the ones they love. They are unlikely to forget things like their partner’s birthday or anniversary because it would be an important memory to them.

In regards to having a strong and healthy relationship with a cancer, the main thing that needs to be recognised is that they have emotional needs their partner must be sensitive too, they are the most caring and generous of the zodiac.

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