The Passionate zodiac signs for valentines day.

Posted on 11th February 2015

Take a look at Psychic future’s guide to how to get your partner got under the collar this valentine’s day!

 Aries - 21st March - 19th April

Being partner to an Aries can be a joy ride, but it can also be an emotional roller coaster....Because Aries just loves adventure and them simply thrive on surprises.   If you want to snare an Aries this Valentine’s Day then prepare to shock your partner and think outside your comfort zone.  Dress in sexy underwear, invite them round and make them beg for your attentions rewarding them each time they hit the spot.   Aries love to chase and the harder you make them try the more they enjoy it.  This star signs loves to be dominated.

Taurus - 20th April  - 20th May

Taurus loves to be wined and dined and there is no greater truth than “the way to a Taurus’ heart is through their stomachs. If you want to get a Taurus to melt on Valentine’s day then prepare a feast to tempt them, strawberries, champagne & cream, but don't let them have their cake and eat it straight away.   Try blindfolding them and teasing them with titbits making them works for every mouthful.   You will soon have the Taurean eating out of your hand.

Gemini - 21st May - 20th June

Gemini loves to talk dirty.   If you want to snare this star sign on Valentine’s Day, then flirty texts and dirty talk throughout the day is the key to a night of red hot passion.   Gemini’s love to role play, so start the day by texting them your fantasy.   If nothing else this sign loves to oblige, don’t make plans for the following day, as once you turn this star sign on they really do not want you out of their sight.

Cancer - 21st June - 22nd July 

Cancer is highly emotional sentimental souls.   However, don’t be fooled into thinking that they are not exciting, it’s just that they have to feel safe and secure before they pull out all the stops and boy when they do, it’s the best.   To hook a Cancer this Valentine’s Day - send flowers, perfume or a teddy bear.   Send them a message telling them how much they mean to you, and they will reward you with a night of red hot burning passion.   This sign really knows how to turn up the heat and sizzle.  

Leo - 23rd July - 22nd August

Leo’s like to dominate and be in charge in all things.   If you want to get this pussycat to meow take them in front of a mirror and undress them slowly.   This sign likes to watch themselves perform.   Tie their hands with silk ties and tease them in front of a mirror until they roar, whilst gently tugging their hair as Leo’s are so proud of their manes and love to be stroked pulled and petted at the crucial moment.

Virgo - 23rd August - 22nd September 

Virgo’s love safety.   They won’t even let their guard down until they feel safe and their environment is clean and fresh.   Lure them this Valentines with fresh silk bed sheets, and sexy underwear.  Once this sign feels safe and secure they release their inner lust and when they do you won’t believe your luck they won’t give you a moments peace.

Libra  -  23rd September - 22nd October 

Libra loves to luxuriate in every detail.  Slip on your sauciest movie, grab the massage oil and your camera because Libra loves to re-live the moment over and over again - they love to star in their own home movies.   Plan a surprise call from the Pizza Delivery boy, which will heighten the Libra fantasy.   Put on your sexiest music and prepare to perform for the whole performance.

Scorpio - 23rd October - 21st November 

Romancing a Scorpio can often leave you wanting more.  The key to stopping this sign leaving abruptly is to coax them into relaying their secrets and fantasies.  Once you get this star sign to open up and tell you their deepest darkest secrets you will have them for life, however they can find it hard to do the talking at first.  Light the candles, crack open the wine, and blindfold your naughty Scorpio and get them to show you what they like with only their hands.  This sign loves to touch and feel in the darkness.

Sagittarius - 22nd November - 21st December 

This sign loves to chase and seduce.   They love to pounce and surprise and render their subject powerless.   If you want a Valentines night to remember, hide lots of little notes with rewards around the house.   Leave handcuffs, blindfolds, and chocolate body paint with your notes, this will spur your Sagittarius lover on.   Once they find those kinky notes, don’t resist because a Sagittarius expects to claim their prize and be generously rewarded.

Capricorn - 22nd December - 19th January

Capricorn is the slowest sign of the Zodiac.  They can take forever to get there but when they do expect to feel the earth move this Valentines.   Capricorn likes to be undressed slowly and to have their neck and back kissed.   Move your hands to their inner thigh and stroke and caress them, whilst whispering in their ear how hot they are.  Capricorns need encouragement and lots of it.    Be patient with a Capricorn, praise their efforts and you will be greatly rewarded.  

Aquarius - 20th January - 18th February 

This has to be the naughtiest Zodiac sign of them all.  They love toys and gadgets.   They love to be tied up and have you try out every trick in the box on them.   This has to be the star-sign of the unexpected.   Think of your naughtiest fantasy then make it twice as bad and then prepare to use it on your Aquarius lover on Valentines Day.    This sign is not for shrinking violets and its been said they bring more to the bedroom than most signs can take. 

Pisces - 19th February - 20th March 

Pisces can sometimes be likened to a fish out of water in the bedroom.   They love to lie back and let you do all the work.   They like nothing more than to have all your attentions lavished on them.  They like to watch, so prepare a strip tease, let them watch you having fun and it won't be long before they are leaping up and wanting to show you that they know how to swim upstream too.   Pisces love sexy showers - lure your lover into the shower and watch them get naughty under the water.   ***************************************************************************

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