Valentine's Day Horoscopes 2021

Posted on 2nd February 2021

Your Valentine's day horoscopes for 2021 show you what the planets are doing for your love life, how to make the most of your situation, whether single or in a relationship and give you a little boost of selflove to boot! Happy Valentine's day, stargazers!

Aries Valentine's horoscope

For this year's valentine's, your ruler, Mars is sextile Neptune giving you an ability to transcend the day to day, perhaps while connecting with your loved one, or if single, by exploring your own desires and dreams. This is a time when planning and manifesting are super potent.

Taurus Valentine's horoscope

This year, Mercury is conjunct your ruler, Venus, giving you amazing powers of regeneration. Solving problems together with someone special, or learning how to communicate your needs in life will be the blessings of 2021's Valentine's day and keep you feeling emotionally supported for years to come.

Gemini Valentine's horoscope

This year, your ruler, Mercury, is conjunct Jupiter giving you a fabulous boost in communication powers. If you're in a relationship, get talking with your loved one, or if single, find someone who you connect with and share a philosophical discussion on the very meaning of love. You'll feel uplifted and inspired.

Cancer Valentine's horoscope

With a much more settled feeling to 2021's Valentine's day, you can relax in your own, or someone special's company and know that you have all you need. Trust is something you are learning to grow from within, and the more you trust yourself and divine, the more your other relationships bloom.

Leo Valentine's horoscope

Gone are the confusions of previous years, Leo, this Valentine's day is chilled out and perhaps even a little "couldn't care less". Whether you're single or taken, this is a time to enjoy other people's company, or your own, in ways that have no expectations or demands, just simple enjoyment and connection.

Virgo Valentine's horoscope

14th February 2021 gives us the exciting aspect of your ruler, Mercury, conjunct with Jupiter giving you the ability to make wishes! Whether you’re partnered or single, now is a fabulous time to aim higher. Where do you want to be this year? Who do you want besides you? Shoot high and wait for the miracles.

Libra Valentine's horoscope

On Valentine's day 2021, your ruling planet, Venus, is conjunct Mercury, encouraging you to speak sweetly and with understanding. Someone will notice and feel closer to you, or you get to express yourself in new and supportive ways. This is a time to speak from the heart, and share your feels.

Scorpio Valentine's horoscope

You’re feeling more light-hearted than usual this year and the frustration of previous Valentine's days is no longer present, might this be because you're more relaxed? Either single or with your partner? Share your feelings, but stay with the fresh and flirty feelings. The higher you go the more you enjoy.

Sagittarius Valentine's horoscope

With Venus conjunct your ruler, Jupiter, this year you're all about the larger than life expressions of love! Tell someone how much they mean to you, or lap up the love that's coming your way. This is a time to be light-hearted and free with your affections to receive the same in turn.

Capricorn Valentine's horoscope

This Valentine's, you'll be feeling more relaxed than previous years and ready to open your heart to someone, existing or new. You're realising that love comes from selflove and that the more you take care of yourself and express your feelings, the more love blossoms in all aspects of your life.

Aquarius Valentine's horoscope

Venus in your sign gives you some seriously potent loving! Whether that's showered upon yourself or someone special, do it in ways that are fun and original. The soppy romance of more traditional signs is not your cup of tea so embrace the quirky and do something a bit different.

Pisces Valentine's horoscope

With Mars in a sextile to Neptune on Valentine's day 2021, you get to experience a transcendent way of relating to someone special (and perhaps yourself too). This is a time for merging with another soul and feeling excited about the divine connections we all share. Give thanks for what you have and see it multiply.

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