The Ultimate Guide to Online Psychic Reading

Posted on 3rd May 2019

People can now get their psychic reading through emails or via live phone calls. Both have their advantages. In emails, you have the time to consider the questions before asking. Here is some information about online psychic readings:

1. What is a psychic reading?

It’s a process where you ask psychics questions in the hope of getting some answers or guidance. It’s more than a simple fortune-telling process. Instead psychics offer guidance for:

  • romantic possibilities
  • job or career options
  • emotional healing
  • connections to departed loved ones

In addition, they also provide:

  • spiritual counselling
  • closure of a bereavement
  • insights and inspiration
  • general life advice
  • specific answers to unique situations

2. The benefits to online psychic readings

It’s easier to discuss embarrassing topics

A lot of people find it difficult to consult psychics regarding sensitive issues. However, since it’s now possible to conduct psychic reading online, people feel detached from the issue. They feel comfortable when communicating via emails.

You can prove if the psychic is the real deal

During face-to-face encounters, a reader can learn a lot of information from a client through “cold-reading?. This is a mental process where readers can gather information through a client’s clothes or body language. Scam artists are fond of this technique. However, since the reading is online, the psychic won’t have these cues. A real psychic can then provide a reading without the benefits of basic information or even photo.

Readings are much more accurate

Psychics find it easy to connect to clients when they are open and relaxed. A face-to-face meeting can make people tense and self-conscious. This is probably the reason why some people prefer online readings, and the result is much better.

Can conduct readings anytime and anywhere

Online readings allow you the freedom to choose where and when to get a reading. You may still have to set up an appointment, but you can get the reading anywhere.

Phone and online readings allow you the freedom to choose where and when to get a reading. Thanks to technology, you can have access to psychics 24 hours a day. If you feel you can’t reach out to your friends or relatives about your problems, an online psychic can. They can give you sound advice or solutions to your issues.

3. A brief history of psychic reading

Even in ancient Egypt, psychics were valued for their services. They were consulted for various decisions ranging from the mundane to important matters of state. While respected, they also bear a great responsibility. If they provided bad advice, they go to prison or worse. As people turned to monotheism, psychics lose their respected status. They were even hunted and executed since their craft does not fit the new religions that emerged. In the 1800s, the Spiritual Movement spearheaded the revival of psychic readings and mediums to communicate with the dead. Today, you can have psychic readings face-to-face, through phones and online.

4. Psychic reading myths and untruths

There have been misconceptions about psychic readings. Here are the most common ones:

They will say anything to get your money

Unfortunately, as in any walk of life, there are some unscrupulous psychics who won’t hesitate to trick you, but there are also many real psychics who help people with their gifts. To make sure that you’re not getting fooled, consider learning the warning signs if you’re dealing with a scammer.

Psychics can make people fall in love with each other

Readings don’t work that way. They only provide guides that could help achieve your goal. Also, they can’t help you get the winning lottery number. Psychics don’t have the power to take away a person’s free will. They simply act as spiritual advisors with regards to matters of the heart.

Psychics are out of the ordinary people

A lot of people still believe that psychics should look like and gipsy or that they look out of the ordinary. In reality, most psychics look and dress like normal persons. They could be male or female, young or old. Many psychics also have regular and commonplace jobs. However, they are special in that they are able to use their psychic abilities to help people in need of their insight.

Psychics can read your mind

Many still believe that psychics are mind readers, but that’s not true. They have intuitive abilities. In the case of mediums, they received specific information from the spirit guides or other entities. They only relay messages and don’t read minds. Instead, they care more about passing important, useful, or uplifting news to their clients.

Psychics have the power to curse or remove curses from people

Despite what you hear, psychics don’t have such powers and they won’t do it anyway. If you encounter a psychic, clairvoyant, or medium who claimed they removed curses in exchange for large donations, ran away from them. They are con-artists taking you for a fool.

5. Healthy scepticism

A healthy scepticism towards clairvoyants and mediums is normal. Remember while many of these psychics have real abilities, there are always a few who’ll say anything you like to hear. Even if these rogue psychics have actual skills, they aren’t good persons to deal with. Dealing only with reputable psychics is important. By doing some research and background check, you can avoid dealing with disreputable psychics.

6. How best to connect with online psychic readers

Online readers can connect through your energy, and they can sense it through clairvoyance, clairaudience or empathic methods. You can’t see this energy with your eyes, but your psychic can, even when you’re communicating online or via the phone, rather than face-to-face. Psychics can also make connections to the spiritual realm. Through this alternate existence, psychics can read your energy vibrations or receive messages relayed by spirits. Since everything in the universe is made of energy, living beings and non-living things are all connected.

7. What to expect during an online reading

Psychics and medium should be compassionate especially to people who are grieving for their loved ones. However, they are not grief counsellors. Their primary duty is to deliver messages or provide insights.

A psychic or medium will generally:

  • Provide advice or guidance for your current problem or dilemma
  • Bring spirits who want to speak to you and mediate in your behalf
  • Refer you to other gifted individuals who are more qualified to handle your case

Meanwhile, psychics will never:

  • Charge exorbitant fees
  • Scare you with curses or hexes
  • Require you to sit face-to-face with them
  • Tell you what you should do or believe
  • Claim to know the future

8. What's the difference between a psychic, medium, clairvoyant, spiritualist and tarot reader?

  • Psychics are people who use their insight to guide you in making the best life decisions. They may also have spirit guides.
  • Mediums are the go-between for a client, the spirit, and consciousness of someone who has passed on. They communicate with dead people.
  • A clairvoyant is a person who can see things like spirits, visions, and your past as well as future life.
  • A spiritualist is a member of the Spiritualism movement. It’s a religion with its main doctrine being that departed souls interact with the living.
  • A tarot reader uses cards to guide and provide insights to your problems or questions which can range from emotional to financial. Also, their readings can inspire you to take positive actions to get out of a negative situation.

9. How to prepare for a reading

Keep an open mind but don’t expect to get an exact answer

That’s not how a psychic reading works. Keep in mind that psychics merely pass along the information.  Think of it this way you’re receiving information that you need not what you want – these two may not be the same thing.

Since you’re paying for their services, let them guide the session

You can put your psychic off- track by overloading them with information about your life. Also, a scam artist can use that information to their advantage. Instead, you should let the psychic do the talking and speak only when asked to elaborate.

Listen carefully with regards to the details

Psychics or mediums will tell bits of information that somehow connects to your past. Once you hear it, try to recall your past events. It may take remembering especially for events that took place a long time ago.

10. How to gain the most from your reading by asking the right questions

Firstly, you need to make a list of questions that can help bring focus and clarity in the reading. Asking general questions is recommended. However, you can ask a question regarding a specific aspect of your life or situation. Keep these tips in mind when formulating questions:

  • Avoid asking strictly yes/no questions, since it limits the psychic’s answers and won’t give you much insight.
  • You should ask open questions. This will enable you to get more detailed information, possible outcomes, relevant comparisons, guidance, examples or advice. For example, your question can start with, “What are my options in this…?? Your psychic will then have a wide ‘energy’ or ‘spiritual field’ from which they can collect better information and insights.
  • While asking an open question, you may not get the answer you’re hoping for. However, don’t be tempted to ask the same problem but phrased differently. The psychic reading is intended to help and guide you, not give you what you want.
  • You should also frame the questions positively. Remember you’re asking for guidance not to blame or badmouth other people. Focus on finding the possible solutions and let your psychic’s insight help you.

11. Does timing really matter?

In psychic readings, time doesn’t exist the way we normally think it does. Just like Einstein’s theory of relativity, time is relative. Psychics can look forward and backward events of your life to provide you with guides. However, you have the power to change time, speed it up or slow it down. A psychic can help you with guides on how to remove things that block your life progress. Timing does matter since you can control it.

12. How predictions work

If you receive a prediction about your future, remember that it’s not set in stone. Psychics will tell you of future possibilities based on what they see in you now. The psychic may even tell you of certain possibilities you didn’t even think possible.  Now it’s up to you to pursue that possibility or ignore it.

13. Can you control your future

Yes, the future is in your hands. As mentioned earlier, psychics can only offer possibilities. You can make the most unlikely possibilities come true if you really focus and work on that goal. To help you set your future:

Use your emotions

To achieve your goals always maintain a positive attitude. Finish every action with eagerness and excitement. Such a view can inspire you to act or push on.

Confirm with a psychic

After the first reading, you took several steps to achieve your goal. To confirm if you’re on the right track, you can have another reading with a psychic.

Remember you have free will

Just because a psychic predicted a possible outcome doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. You can achieve any goal you want by setting your mind to it and taking actions.

14. Choosing a psychic you can trust

This is the most important part. The reading won’t do you much good if you don’t trust the person handling it. So why do you choose a psychic? Here are several ways:

What kind of reading do you prefer?

Before you choose a psychic, you need to decide what kind of reading you are most comfortable with. Do you prefer an live phone reading or an online email reading?

Get referrals but also trust your instinct

Recommendations from others are one thing, but your instinct and judgment is a better indicator. Trust your instincts, if you’re not comfortable with the recommended psychic, don’t go through with the reading. But if you don’t feel any negativity or fear with the psychic proceed.

Determine their competence

Not all psychics have the same abilities. Some can tell help you discover your life purpose while others can connect you with loved ones who passed away. Some will you right away their specialities. If they don’t, asked them, so you will know if their services are suited for your purpose.

A costly reading doesn’t make it better or more accurate

Sometimes psychics charged high prices if they have long waiting lists which can indicate that they’re at what they do. However, their popularity could alas be due to their marketing and publicity skills.

In conclusion...

Online psychic reading is still relatively new but growing in popularity. However, the aim of online psychics is still the same as their more traditional counterparts – to guide and help solve your questions and problems. Hopefully you have found this guide helpful, whether it’s to dispel any misconceptions you may have about psychics in general or to shed light on the many ways they can assist you in life. Finally, remember a psychic is there to guide you to not what you may want or expect but to what you may need. Finally, you can reach out to Psychic Future for guidance via a Tarot card reading Psychic or Astrological readings, as well as calling our Mediums and Clairvoyants to communicate with the dearly departed, or to find out about your future via your clairvoyant's Spirit Guide.  

If you'd like an online psychic reading with one of our experts, check out our psychics' full profiles to choose the one that suits your needs best. Call them for a live phone reading, or request a lengthy in-depth email reading asking your chosen reader a single or multiple questions. 

Read more of our up-to-date and informative Psychic News in the Psychic Future Blog.

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