The Spirit of Christmas

Posted on 16th December 2014

Christmas is all about the spirit of giving. Gifts, money, time and other precious things are generously given and shared with other people. As seasonal holidays and traditions go the festive period is the time in the year that we most look forward to, yet most of us seem to have forgotten what Christmas should really be about.

How to get into the Spirit

A vast number of people no longer experience the magic of Christmas. For them challenging life experiences and the over commercialism of the festive tradition have tainted the once magical time of the year, and often it is treated like just another normal day. If this is how you view Christmas it is time to recapture the spirit you once had, so that you can create a special time that is meaningful for you.

Recapture the Spirit

Close your eyes and take yourself back to the best Christmas you ever experienced. This could be a time in your childhood when you were surrounded by smiling faces, and plenty of presents, or a more recent occasion in adult life when everything was as it should be. Take a moment to turn up the colours and joyous sounds in your image and to take delight from reliving the moment. Keep that smile on your face. If you do not have a happy memory of Christmas use this opportunity to create the most perfect seasonal occasion you can possibly imagine. Repeat this meditative practice on a daily basis so that you reawaken the spirit within you and open your heart to new positive experiences.

The Gift of Giving

Whilst Christmas shouldn’t be about the presents we can easily get caught up in the commercialism trap and lose all sense of what this festive celebration is all really about. Start a new tradition by giving gifts that have true value and meaning for the recipient. For friends and family members who have an awareness of the meaning of spirituality consider giving them a spiritual reading as a gift they will remember and treasure. You can create you own personalised gift card and simply provide payment for the spiritual, psychic or tarot reading at your friend’s convenience. A spiritual gift has far more value and meaning than a shop bought item, no matter the expense and shiny wrapping, because it is given from the heart. A spiritual reading at Christmas also provides comfort and support at a time when many people reflect, contemplate and think about loved ones who have passed.

Create a New Tradition

This Christmas make time to count very single one of the blessings you received this year. Even those painful and challenging moments were blessings because without those experiences you wouldn’t be exactly as you are today. Start a new tradition of celebrating everything that life gives you. Give this celebration a name and a day/time to focus and reflect on all that you have. You can share this new tradition with a special person or keep it personal. Either way it will reawaken the spirit of Christmas just for you.    

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