The Romance of Colour

Posted on 21st November 2013
iWhether you are in the first rose -hued flush of love or singing the blues because love hasn't arrived,there's plenty that the magic of colour can do to ensure a blissful romantic future.. I have done this article to have a look at how colours can help us in our romantic lives. Some call it colour magic ,you will be surprised at the results you get from using different colours on and around you. Colour is everywhere ,affecting our moods and reflecting our personalities... HELPING LOVE TO FLOURISH Pink is the universal colour of love. This romantic aura comes from its status as the colour of the heart chakra, which governs love and kindness. Surround yourself with pink-it is the perfect colour to make you more loving, both to yourself and to others. Love creates and attracts love, and the romantic personality that emerges will ensure that you soon find the love you are looking for. ATTRACTING THE PERFECT PARTNER If you've found the perfect man but he does not yet recognise you ,use yellow to draw him closer to you, yellow is the colour of confidence, charm and attraction. it will give you courage and banish any shyness that's keeping him from noticing you. its a colour that radiates pure energy, leaving your beloved powerless to resist.  Once you've got him, yellow is a great colour for bringing cash to a relationship-you'll need it to pay for the wedding !! SECURING COMMITMENT You know he loves you but wont make a commitment? then use the magical power of green to grab his interest . It is the colour of unconditional love, compassion and generosity. Green can heal the heart and teach a lover to give of themselves unconditionally, so its influence in your life will encourage the giving, as well as the taking ,of love. Green is also the colour of the contented heart, peaceful and hopeful. If however, you long for permanent commitment from you partner ,use either blue or indigo instead. These are just a few examples how colour can be used in our romantic life. You only have to look to the natural world to see what an important part colour plays in the mating game, so why not apply a little colour therapy to your love life ? If you despair of ever meeting your soulmate or know you've found him but he's not sure, if you long for a little more passion or need someone to make a commitment ,colour can play a part in turning your dreams to reality. THE HEALING POWERS OF COLOUR The colours of the rainbow are related to energy centres or "chakras "in the body. when certain colours are depleted ,the mind and body may be adversely affected. RED The colour of life,love,anger and sexual passion. ORANGE Symbolises joy and happiness. Orange is the colour to use if your feeling down. YELLOW A purifying colour that improves communicating. GREEN The colour of fertility and longevity. BLUE A cool ,calming colour that will soothe and balance emotions. VIOLET The colour of the spirit and can also heal emotional pain... You can wear colours as clothes or as crystals in jewellery, prepare enticingly coloured foods, burn coloured candles, visualise colours as you meditate or soak in a bath suffused with the colours your romantic needs dictate. COLOUR IS EVERYWHERE AND REMEMBER THAT COLOUR IS MAGIC SO USE IT WISELY THANKYOU FOR READING BY NICOLA ROSE
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