The Psychic Twins that Predicted September 11th Terror Attacks

Professionally known as The Psychic Twins, identical twin sisters Terry and Linda Jamison, 50, are the world’s most documented psychics and have an unrivaled track record of over 1000 accurate predictions.

The sisters claim that spirits are directing them to write messages that predict the future. During the automatic writing sessions the twins have no control of their hands and simply write down all of the eerie information they are given. They write identical messages, even when they are in different rooms.

Some of the predictions previously made by the psychic twins include the 9/11 terror attacks, the Baltimore riots, the Boston Marathon bombing and the cyber attack on Sony. Their psychic communication skills also enable them to have chats with deceased famous celebrities like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Princess Diana.

Dimension Connection

Terry and Linda had a happy childhood in Pennsylvania, USA, where they grew up. When they were 20 the twins started having scary visions and nightmares, which predicted future world events. They had recurring nightmares about the 2004 tsunami in Thailand for many years before the event happened.

When she was 25 Linda discovered that she could channel spirits by doing automatic writing. Although conscious throughout the writing session, Linda knew that the information was coming from another dimension. Her sister Terry would watch in wonder as Linda speedily wrote down all of the information she was getting from spirit. After a while she too realised that she could communicate with spirit in the same way.

Precise Details

Terry and Linda say that they work with spirits in a ‘soul collective’, and the reason they are able to give very specific details is because they have practiced their psychic skills for a long time.

“At the start of working with the soul collective we’d be doing it every day,”says Linda. “It’s like a calling.”

In 2000, a year before the tragic dramatic event, the twins predicted the 9/11 attacks in New York whilst on air on a radio show.

“We were on the radio in November 1999,” says Terry, “and we said there would be a major terrorist attack on the World Trade Centres. We said it would happen before 2010 and that thousands of people would perish. We also said there would be attacks against other federal buildings. People were amazed by the amount of detail we gave.”

Good News

Not all of their spiritual messages are doom and gloom though.

“We have spoken to Michael Jackson and Princess Diana,” Linda explained, “and other icons who died too young.”

“We asked them what really happened to them. Princess Diana told us that she had chosen her destiny, and that she is thrilled with the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.”

Annual Prediction

Every January Terry and Linda channel hundreds of messages. Each one is a prediction of an event that will happen that the year. The twins do not charge any money for the yearly predictions, because they feel that they are doing a public service. Occasionally they do private psychic readings, but not very many.

“We broadcast in January so that people can’t dispute our claims,” Linda states. “We regularly record our predictions and tell them on radio. We also publish them so they’re time-stamped.”

The Psychic Twins are the authors of the bestseller Psychic Intelligence and Separated at Earth: The Story of The Psychic Twins. Their third book, Died Too Young, is all about their experiences of speaking to celebrities who have passed away too early.

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