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Posted on 7th November 2013

Hopefully, by now you are meeting up with your Higher Self and really making the most of your new connection, slowly but surely wins the race. When you are ready, you can then make the next step to your Inner Journey and really making the most of your third eye and the computer that represents your imagination and mind. Make sure that you have some quiet time for yourself when you know that this peace is unlikely to be interrupted, light some candles again as with your Higher Self connections and in this case too, white candles set the right atmosphere and mood for you. Take a few deep cleansing intakes of breath, breath in and count to ten and then let the breath go to ten and this way, you will feel yourself relaxing and gaining tranquillity, if you fall asleep, don’t worry, that is all part of the relaxing process and very natural but whether you are calmly conscious or awake after forty winks, you are now ready to begin the next process.   

Picture in your mind whatever scenario makes you feel good and positive, my favourite muse is under a tree lying in the sunshine and hearing the leaves swish to and for with a slight breeze and take some time to really enjoy this feeling. I then allow myself to take root so to speak and take guidance from the tree I am visualising and gaining my grounding as the roots of the trees fasten and grow under the ground. Once you have put in place your perfect background, now you can allow yourself to lift out of your body and watch yourself stand up and make your way in the direction your senses want to take you. I see myself walking into a glade and hearing the birds singing, nature doing what it does best and enjoying the sensation of freedom and liberty. 

I then allow myself to proceed in the sunshine until I reach a point in the countryside where there is a fairy-tale cottage ahead of me and at this point, I begin to feel very elated and find myself gliding to the rambling roses trained over the cottage door and see a keyhole there. I give myself a few moments to gather myself and then take another step and my foot contacts something hard on the ground. I bend down and pull aside the grass and there I find a key and instinctively know that this will fit the keyhole and be able to open the door and finding this key also gives me permission to enter the cottage. 

I then walk inside and find myself surrounded in the sunshine glancing through the windows and find myself a little blinded at first and when I get used to the bright light, I find that I am looking at a huge closed book in front of me on the table and upon looking at the book, I see that it is entitled in my case anyway, Welcome to Cherise's Book of Life. 

Good luck with this journey and next time, we will progress further in this enlightening stage of your life and your way to inner peace and glorious messages and emotions, Love and light to you all Cherise 1057  

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