Your monthly horoscope for October

Posted on 1st October 2013
1235280_377709812331437_619302644_n-300x200Libra Pluto and Uranus are challenging Libra this month; they will need to resolve and issue causing friction with someone close to you at the moment. The new moon in your sign acts as a personal new year, so think about where you’d like to be in six months, when the Libra full moon brings your wishes to fruition, So this the month to hold on to your convictions and make changes to in your lifestyle for the better. There will be a pleasant social surprise mid-month and the lunar eclipse could bring relationship changes. Scorpio This month you will crave solitude and privacy. When you are alone, you will find yourself going round in circles over a certain issue that needs resolution. The Lunar eclipse brings clarity and a determined Mars-Pluto link will bring forth strength to do what is needed in that situation. This is a good time to turn your focus towards your career. Sagittarius October will bring with it a feeling of restlessness and craving space in your relationships. Towards the 12th of October you will be feeling particularly energetic and social but remember not to over-commit yourself because it is important not to let others down as doing so may have later percussions. Capricorn This month is unlike any other month; a Mercury-Saturn link-up will focus your mind, and allows you to become extremely disciplined in your thought process. This is a good time to take up a focused based exercise such as yoga. This focused approached will also lend to your career, the 4th of October being a significant point which could bring about a turning point in your professional life. There is potential however to allow negativity in to your thoughts and be careful to keep criticisms to yourself in regards to friends as it might not be what they want to hear right now. Aquarius There will be a sudden desire to explore this month, around the 5th you may get the chance to get away, however don’t despair f it does not all pan out, you will have a opportunity closer to home.  Expect a pleasant surprise mid-month. Pisces October is a dreamy month for you, especially right at the beginning of the month. You will have many inspirational moments. Be aware you will have some misleading romantic feelings coming from someone older, don’t be fooled. You may feel an energy dip around the 20th of October but you will soon be back on form. Get ready for a whole new income game on October 18, when a ground-breaking lunar eclipse kicks off a two-year cycle of eclipses that will reshape the way you make and manage money. There could be career changes, investments and all sorts of exciting new financial changes ahead. Of course, eclipses can throw you a curveball or cause unexpected events. You could receive a job offer out of the blue near this date. For some Pisces, one career path may end, ushering in a new one in short order. Don’t panic if a source of money is “eclipsed�? out of your life, because something that’s a true match for you is on its way. Aries From the 15th, Mars turns your focus to work, and then cosmic energy will drive career goals forward. You will feel very independent mood and keen to be tied down, indulge this side while you can. Taurus Relationships dominate this month; from the 7th October you’ll enjoy deeper emotional connections. Make sure you don’t give too much of yourself away or your finances to someone in your social circle as they will be not appreciated. Heart- to hearts are best before the 21st of October. Gemini The Moon favours new romance or a fresh start with your current partner. This month you will be on a roll with paperwork and other detailed jobs, your concentration will be at its peak to get things done well and your boss is likely to praise you on your job.   Cancer After a social September, you’re ready to draw back and huddle into your shell a bi, this is the time to stay at home and concentrate on you. On October 18, the lunar eclipse beams its supercharged energy into your career. This could be the day that you make your mark, or achieve a coveted goal you’ve been striving toward for the past six months if not longer. Eclipses are game changers but they can bring surprises so be on your toes.   Leo News and opportunities could arrive around October 4th, when the Libra new moon brings a burst of inspiration or an intriguing talk that opens new avenues.  Give yourself the freedom to broaden your horizons, you love life will perk up around the 7th.   Virgo You are in deep in thought this month, after a buzzing birthday season, you are now ready to be back on solid ground and hit the ground running. The moon will point you towards reassessing your finances.  
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