Tarot And Fashion – What Your Card Says About Your Style

The clothes that you wear speak volumes about your style, personality, individuality and spirituality. Many people select particular clothing styles and fashions so that they can ‘fit in’. Others dress to impress and to stand out from the crowd. Whether or not you are a follower of fashion, fads or trends, how you dress reflects your authentic self.

If you’re in need of a makeover but fashion overwhelms you, the tarot can help to redefine your style.

We Are What We Wear

In spiritual teachings it is stated that the individual is to be honoured and respected. As you awaken to your higher purpose and begin to explore your spiritual path, you also start to reveal your true, authentic self.

Fashion can create a positive or a negative impact. How you choose to dress and present yourself is an important aspect of your own acceptance of you. The cut of the clothes, the texture of the fabrics and materials, and the colours that you wear all influence how you feel about being you. You then add accessories to enhance your appearance further, creating a highly visual and non-verbal statement about the person that you think you are.

Fashion Statement

Clothing should always be comfortable and should allow freedom of movement and expression. If the amount of money you are spending on clothes is more than you can comfortably afford you need to stop hiding in the wrong clothing. An excessive fashion habit is overcompensating for your lack of spiritual awareness. Fashion should never be more important than your true identity.

What Your Tarot Card Says About Your Style

The tarot is an excellent esoteric tool that can be used to help you connect with your spiritual self. For help in defining your fashion style, pick out all of the Major Arcana cards in your deck. Set your intention and ask for guidance in finding the look for you. Shuffle the cards and select three from the pile. Study the images carefully and listen to your inner guidance. You may be instantly inspired by what you see, or you may need a little time to consider the possibilities.

Here are a few tarot interpretation ideas:

  • The High Priestess

The queen of intuition is a guiding force who isn’t afraid to explore her own power. Your focus is on looking polished and professional.

  • The Lovers

The card of unpredictable change is hinting that it may be time to invest in some ultra feminine lingerie that makes you feel good. Choose a 2-piece set.

  • The Hanged Man

Finding a new perspective can be highly beneficial. Look for ways of adapting what you already have in your wardrobe.

  • Death

New beginnings loom on the horizon, so it’s time to dress to impress. Accessorise and glamorise until you have the perfect look.

  • The Devil

Adverse conditions create a fine line between freedom and fear. What do you dare to wear?

  • The Sun

The future looks bright, so make sure that you’ve got the shades and accessories to match your dazzling individual style. Pick bold patterns and loud colours that get you noticed.

  • The World

Your focus is likely to be on social events and gatherings. Choose an outfit that flaunts your confidence and sex appeal.


Take your three tarot cards and have a rummage in your wardrobe. Look for items of clothing that match the colours in the images. If you’re feeling inspired don’t be afraid to mix and match it up. Gok Wan would be proud of you!

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