The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

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The Fool's Journey

The Fool tarot card is the first of the Major Arcana, the picture cards of the tarot. There are 22 Major Arcana out of 78 tarot cards and these represent the more profound moments of life. When we pull a Major Arcana card from the deck, it means we need to pay close attention to its meaning.

These 22 special cards are numbered 0-21 and represent something called "The Fool's Journey" which represents the archetypal moments of life that we all experience on our quest towards completion. 

Being the first of this series, card number 0, The Fool represents new beginnings and everything that goes along with them. When we start something new, we often feel excited but uncertain or even afraid, and the Fool, with his merry stride, represents trusting that the journey ahead will be ok and that we must take the risk and at least try.

When The Fool is chosen from the deck, it's a sign that there is something new on the horizon, a new adventure or a new chapter, and the querent (the person receiving the reading) needs to take confident but careful action forwards.


The symbolism of The Fool tarot card

The symbolism of The Fool tarot card varies somewhat but the traditional Rider Waite based decks depict a jester or youth (a symbol of innocence) striding towards a cliff's edge with a bag over one shoulder, telling us that he is embarking on a journey, and a white flower in hand, another symbol of innocence and purity. The Fool is a clean slate like a child. He is yet to experience life.

A tiny dog yaps at his feet, perhaps warning him of danger ahead, or perhaps encouraging him, as nature always supports us humans and provides what we need. 

In this card's imagery, the fool's bag is tied to a stick or a wand. Some interpretations connect this to the Wands suit of the tarot, giving it the meaning of inspiration and motivation. 

The fool carries just a few basics and travels light. One interpretation is that he wouldn't really miss the items contained in his bag, a reminder to detach from things that hold us down. 

Another interpretation is that the bag contains a pentacle/coin, a wand, a cup and a sword – the four suits of the tarot and the items of The Magician, the next card in the Major Arcana, which are the items that represent our ability to manifest whatever we choose – The Fool has everything he needs with him for this journey.


The meaning of The Fool tarot card in a reading

When The Fool is chosen from the deck, it is a sign that we are about to embark on something new. In a relationship reading this could be a sign of new love or a new chapter in an existing relationship. In a career reading it could mean a new job or opportunity. All situations require the querent to take a bit of a risk, tread carefully forwards and trust that the outcome will be good.


The Fool tarot card combinations

As The Fool moves forward on his journey, he encounters the other 21 cards of the Major Arcana, representing the milestones we all tend to experience. 

When paired with another of these Major Arcana, it's important to be aware, there could be something unknown up ahead that requires trust and observation. With ominous cards like The Tower or The Devil, it could represent a warning to tread carefully, the journey might be difficult.

With more positive cards, there can be an exciting new experience awaiting the querent. The Sun and the Fool can represent children and joy, and The Fool and The Lovers can mean that a soulmate relationship is about to blossom.

Of course, as with any tarot reading, it's important to note the position of the other cards and to be very specific about what question is being asked by the querent, as these can alter the meaning of The Fool tarot card meanings.

What's your experience of this card? Does it resonate? Share with us on social media or jump on a call with one of our fabulous psychic tarot readers to get an in-depth personal reading.

Much love!

Ellie Rose xx

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