Tarot card spreads: What you need to know

Posted on 6th August 2020

Tarot readers can practice tarot readings with not only different decks of cards, but also in the different ways in which they lay them out in front of them when giving a reading: this is called a tarot card spread. Each type of tarot spread follows an alternative pattern to how the cards are read and the reader is more than likely to choose this based on their own personal preference. Below we have outlined just some of the many types of tarot card spreads that your professional reader may use during your cheap tarot reading.



The Tetraktys spread explores everything from the most basic physical elements of the body to your spiritual self. The cards in the tarot spread represent: fire, air, water, earth, creator, sustainer, destroyer, light, dark and premise.


Cross and Triangle Spread

The cross and triangle spread is concerned with the overall direction your life is going to take. This involves answering questions that are concerning you in the present and the future. These cards represent: life force, thoughts, emotions, spirit, physical self, opposing forces, other opposing forces, necessary energies to call upon and question outcome.


Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic cross card spread is the most popular and widely used spread by tarot readers today. Like the cross and triangle spread, each card will answer a question that you wish to shed light on in your life: the significate, the crossing, the foundation, the recent past, the crown, the future, emotions, external forces, hopes and desires and the outcome. All of these will lead to a clearer path towards your future.


Relationship Spread

The relationship spread is used to interpret a relationship between two parties by exploring the needs of both. These cards represent: how you view your partner and vice versa, your needs, your partner’s needs, the current state of the relationship, the path you would like it to follow and vice versa, aspects to consider and question outcome.

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