Super Easy Ways To A Man's Heart

Posted on 13th February 2017

Women naturally think that men are the most complex beings on the planet. Men are mostly considered to be a mix of charm, personality, muscle and sex appeal. To get inside a man’s head requires plenty of intuition, wily intelligence and resilient patience. It’s much, much easier to find a way to his heart instead.


Show Kindness

We tend to judge others by the way in which they treat strangers. To win a man’s heart show kindness to one and all. Don’t bitch about your ex or other women, or make sly remarks about someone you don’t know. Be kindness personified, and smile warmly at everyone you meet.


Pay Genuine Compliments

Compliments are not reserved solely for the fairer sex. Men too, like to feel special and valued, and love to receive compliments just as much as you do. Tell him he looks fabulous in that new shirt, or smells good enough to eat! Don’t say things that you don’t really mean, just for effect. Pay genuine compliments only.


Loosen Up

Whilst a man may initially be drawn towards your femininity and sex appeal, no man will be able to resist your warm, friendly and funny side. If you can confidently crack a few jokes make him laugh out loud, frequently. Be playfully fun and flirtatious and encourage him to let his guard down. Most men build a protective barrier around their heart, and this will gradually come down. Make him feel relaxed and comfortable in your company, and he’s all yours.


Add An Element Of Surprise

We all love to be on the receiving end of a nice surprise. To win a man’s heart you don’t have to go overboard with expensive surprises. A short and sweet ‘thinking of you’ text sent at a random time of the day will melt his heart.


Offer Some Space

No matter how much you like this guy and want to spend all of your time with him, let him know that he has the space to do as he pleases. No one likes to feel controlled by another person. If you want him to want to spend time with you, let him reach that conclusion in his own time.


Tolerance And Acceptance

We all have our own unique and quirky ways. This sometimes includes having friends who are an acquired taste. To find your way to a man’s heart you need to navigate the course that includes his loud and weird mates, and his overbearing family. Learn to accept, and adopt a live and let live attitude if you want to rule his heart.


Be Yourself

Men like to feel wanted and needed. They also get a kick out of playing the protector. Therefore don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability, feelings and emotions. Although not all men are naturally sensitive, open and willing to explore their feelings, most men will appreciate you showing your soft feminine side. Be yourself at all times. For further insights call one of our experienced psychic readers today.

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