Successful Corporate Leaders Consult Psychics

Posted on 8th October 2015

It may come as a surprise to those who are not convinced of the value of psychic readings but some of the world’s top businessmen and women consult psychics on a regular basis, and pay handsomely for the privilege too. One prominent example is Gillian Oxley, a leading realtor in Toronto, Canada, who turns over around $100 million annually in real estate sales. Referring to her psychic as her “secret weapon" Gillian phones her advisor once a month and pays $800 an hour for the readings she is given. She is far from the only business executive to take advice from a psychic, with many leading figures around the world believed to be in regular contact with astrologers, tarot card readers and spiritual advisors. 

One of the most famous examples of a business leader consulting unorthodox advisors was Steve Jobs, the late chairman and CEO of global electronics giant Apple. He was reported to have appointed a Zen master as his spiritual advisor at one point. The global financial crisis that started with the credit crunch in the USA, led many Wall Street executives to seek assistance from unusual sources, including mediums, numerologists, palmists and astrologists. The fact that few of these executives are willing to talk about their advisors in public is mostly due to the fact that they are aware of the stigma attached to consulting psychics rather than any embarrassment about their beliefs.   Whether you are convinced of the efficacy of psychic readings, there is no doubt that many of the world’s most successful people have put their faith in their advisors and appear to have benefited as a result of this faith. Online and telephone readings are becoming more popular with both business leaders and ordinary people all around the world.

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