St Patrick's Day

Posted on 17th March 2016

Saint Patrick's Day is a day celebrated around the world annually on the 17th of March. This is the Date of Death of the Patron Saint of Ireland Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick Surprisingly was no Irish, he was a Roman Britain. A Lot of what we know today is taken from The Declaration, which was supposedly written by Patrick himself in his writings it is explained that he was kidnapped at aged 16 by Irish Raiders and Taken as a slave to a Gaelic Ireland. After 6 years in Ireland, while working as a shepherd, God communicated with him and told him to flee to the coast as this is where a boat would be waiting for him to go home. Saint Patrick went on to become a priest he then returned to Ireland as a priest in order to spread the teachings of Christianity to pagans. Folk law states that Saint Patrick used the Shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the Pagans, he spent many years converting thousands of people to Christianity and it became his life’s work. He died on the 17th of March and was largely forgotten, but over the following centuries many legends regarding saint Patrick grew, and he became the most recognised Irish saint, his symbol of the Shamrock becoming a symbol of luck.


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