Spring Equinox – March 2018

Posted on 19th March 2018

The word Equinox takes it’s meaning from the Latin translation ‘equal night’ because the hours in this day are more or less equally divided between day and night. The Spring Equinox marks the time when the sun crosses the imaginary line in the sky that is known as the celestial equator. This occurs each year between the dates of March 19-21.  

woman smiling spring equinox

The spring equinox (or solstice, as it is sometimes referred to) is the opposite on either side of the equator. So when spring equinox is marked on one side of the equator the autumnal equinox is acknowledged on the other side. 

Celebrating New Beginnings. In the Northern Hemisphere the March equinox has long been marked with celebrations that focus on the organic cycle of death and rebirth. Many cultures celebrate spring festivals and holidays around this period. Easter, Jewish Passover and the ancient Germanic festival of Ostara celebrate the cyclical return of light and life. Whilst traditions have conditioned us to celebrate the transition of one year into the next in January it is in fact the spring equinox that welcomes in the commencement of the New Year. The astrological year begins on the equinox under the sign of Aries.  

Signs of the Equinox. The death of winter makes way for the blossoming of spring and the natural organic cycle of growth and abundance. Spring signifies that winter is gone and summer is coming and there are signs present in nature wherever you look. On the Northern Hemisphere you will notice earlier dawn and a later sunset, and if you look at the sky each day the arc of the sun will be more visible, as it shifts northwards. Following the path of the sun are the birds and butterflies that migrate northwest. Trees, plants and crops are beginning a new cycle of growth. Vibrant spring flowers are beginning to bloom. Hibernating animals reawaken, birds begin the mating season and young animals are birthed. The chill in the air is also replaced by warmer weather. Spring is the perfect season to celebrate a fresh start and new beginnings so it is worth taking advantage of this significant time in order to welcome in abundance of all kinds.  

Seasonal Folklore. There are many popular myths that are influenced by the seasonal calendar. During Easter ancient customs celebrate new beginnings by celebrating with the most obvious fertility symbol – the egg. Easter egg hunts, egg rolling competitions and the superstitious belief that a raw egg can be positioned to stand on end, during the first day of spring, are popular pastimes that are enjoyed annually.  

Spring Awakening. To celebrate the spring equinox in a meaningful way that is personal we must start by acknowledging the organic cycle of death and rebirth. Celebrate the manifestation of abundance by blending traditions and ideas to create your own seasonal event. Decorate eggs, plant seeds and awaken your own spiritual growth. 

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