How To Spot Your Burn Out Signs

Posted on 28th September 2016

Increased demands, unexpected challenges, illness, and a host of other things that require your attention can easily throw you off balance. When you push yourself too hard, over a prolonged period of time, you put yourself on track for burn out. Burn out can negatively impact on your emotional wellbeing, and physical and mental health. To maintain your equilibrium, balance and harmony it’s important to check out the warning signs.


  • If you find yourself constantly doing any of the following you may be on your way to burn out:
  • Relaxing by playing with your phone, or on social media channels
  • Working on your laptop late at night
  • Going straight from one task or chore to the next, without allowing wind down time
  • Constantly checking your phone or emails
  • Regular refuelling on coffee and other caffeinated drinks
  • Giving in to sugar cravings
  • Skipping meals because you are ‘too busy’

Patterns Of Behaviour. It is easy to fall into negative patterns and cycles of behaviour that can impact on health and wellbeing over time. Aim to gradually reduce and eliminate any or all of the following:

  • Doing everything quickly, without being mindful
  • Forgetting things
  • Overworking, due to lack of prioritising
  • Poor time management
  • Over-thinking
  • Overreacting to things that usually don’t bother you


  • When you are over tired and feeling off-balance it is easy to feel over emotional. Your emotions are heightened whenever your body is running on automatic pilot. Downtime allows you to reset emotions, so that they are not so easily triggered via cycles of habits and behaviours.
  • Feeling crabby because you are super tired
  • Feeling irritable
  • Feeling tearful or sad, for no obvious reason

Physical Symptoms

  • If completely ignored, physical symptoms have a habit of eventually making your body come to a standstill. To avoid burn out it’s important to pay attention to the following signs:
  • Restless sleep, or lack of sleep
  • Sore shoulders and back
  • Teeth clenching at night
  • Skin breaks out
  • Adrenal fatigue

Positive Steps

  • Your body is not designed to be in constant switched on mode all of the time. Fear of failure, and the need to justify everything you do, can lead to performance pressure or anxiety. In the same way that you feel accountable for all of your demands and challenges, it is also necessary to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing.

To manage your energy levels, and to avoid excessive fatigue, it’s important to listen to your body.

  • Become mindful – pay attention to the signs that indicate you are tired, feeling run down or overwhelmed, so that you don’t re-create the cycle again and again.
  • Take time out – make time to switch off from your daily demands, so that you can get yourself back in balance easily.
  • Introduce positive new habits that make you feel energised and invigorated.

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