Ask your Soul to find your Soul mate

Posted on 5th February 2015

If you've had enough of meaningless encounters and are truly ready to attract real love into your life ask your soul to find your perfect love match.

This powerful Law of Attraction command really works. However, before you start conjuring up your idea of love perfection it is essential that you understand a few key things…

Your soul can only bring you what is truly yours. In other words, you are wasting time, effort and energy hankering after a particular person you've had your eye on for some time. Unless of course your soul feels that you’re not quite ready to receive your goodies and needs to send you in a few love lessons first! This is why we often experience repeat performances in love relationships that usually include heartbreak and heartache and other unpleasant memories.  

Be honest with your self. You may have experienced numerous unsuccessful love matches in the past but wishing and hoping that it will work out next time doesn’t mean you are ready to receive soul mate love. A good way to test this is to connect with your soul by listening to your heart. Your soul never lies so it will give you the truth about your readiness to receive. If the time is not quite right for you it is important to accept that you need to experience other love related lessons in order to gain better understanding of your self. 

Ask and receive. When you are fully connected to your soul you can ask to receive the love that you deserve. Being fully connected to your heart means that your request is genuine, personal and heartfelt. It also means that you become aligned with the people and experiences that match your spiritual vibration. This vibration is what identifies your experiences and love rewards as uniquely yours. Have a spiritual or psychic reading. Once you have stated your request you will have to summon up some patience, so that your soul and the Universe can get to work on delivering your order. During this time a spiritual or psychic reading will provide comfort and reassurance that love is on the way. A tarot reading may also be able to provide insight and information that confirms your soul’s work. 

Check your order. When your soul mate connection shows up in your life there will be no mistaking it. This spiritual connection between two people is intense, passionate and unlike anything you may have experienced before. To use a romantic cliché: it will quite simply take your breath away! What is even better is the fact that your love match will feel the same intensity and emotion, so you don’t have to worry about imagining it.

Your soul wants the best for you. Life is about learning, experiencing and growing spiritually so that we each understand love, purpose and meaning. Whilst you may be wanting hearts and flowers be prepared to experience love in all its many forms, as a soul mate connection will be challenging and rewarding in equal measures. Accepting your partner as being a mirror of you will help you understand the importance of being ready for love and will also transform your love on a deeper level.      

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