A simple guide to reading palms

We are all aware that the world works in mysterious ways and through various methods we are able to unravel what these mysteries mean to us on a personal level. Whether you prefer tarot cards, tasseography or psychic readings, there is no denying that palms are the most portable of divination tools. If correctly read, palms can give you incredible insight to people’s personalities and potential, allowing you to make well informed judgements of their character, knowing them as deeply as you do.

Tony has been practicing palmistry for decades, and has not only been featured in a list of high profile publications, but also celebrity clients that have sought his services. Tony believes: “Aristotle taught Alexander the Great to read palms so that he could analyse the characters of his officers so he could get the right person for the right job.  I work the same way.  Most people are programmed at a young age by their parents, school, and religion.  Few understand their true self and I explain to them who they really are.  My multitude of responses prove I am on the right track.  I am a life member of the Spiritualist Association in Belgrade Square, London and have certain psychic abilities which I add to my readings.”


The heart Line

Heart Line on Hand


This is one of the four main lines and is easily discernible. It can be read in either direction and illustrates emotional maturity and romantic perspectives. A lot can told just from where the heart line begins, if it starts beneath the index finger, it indicates someone content with their love life and handle on their emotions, however, beginning beneath the middle finger is thought to show a person who is selfish when it comes to love. For those whose heart line start in the middle of their hand, between middle and ring fingers, it shows a personality that falls in love easily, while a line that is but a little shorter and straight could acknowledge someone with little interest in love.

Not only is the length of the line important, but its interactions with other lines, especially the four main lines, is also worth considering. If the heart line intersects the life line, it displays a heart that is easily broken, while a line that is straight and parallel to a head line shows someone with a good handle on their emotions. A wavy heart line may express many relationships that lack depth or someone unsure what they are looking for in love, while a broken line displays emotional trauma. Gary Markwick form Palmistry in Hand explains the significance of the heart line: “The heart line represents our emotions and feelings. This line can reveal how much a person may hold back with their emotions, or perhaps how much they may share and give to others. It can also show emotional losses.”


The head Line

Head Line on hand


The head line represents a person’s attitude to education and learning as well as the way in which they learn. An individual with a short head line will prefer physical achievements to academic ones while a longer, curved and sloping line will represent a person who thinks creatively. A deep, long head line shows clear and focused thinking, while a wavy line indicates a short attention span or an inner conflict of the emotional and practical aspects of a personality. Gary also believes the proximity of these lines show the ruling of heart or head. He said: “The head line represents our thoughts, it is our mentality and intellect of the way we think. Often the head may rule the heart! This can be sometimes be seen on the palms when the head line is usually either stronger than the heart line. Or the heart and head lines are raised near towards the fingers.”

The depth and clarity of the head line is important, with a broken or a chained line demonstrating someone who has inconsistency in thought, while chained show personal conflict, melancholy and confusion. A strong fork at the end of the head line represents a person who is able to debate both sides of the argument and is also known as a writers or lawyers fork. Upward branches are expressions of positive things, whether in a career, academics or creative endeavours, while downward branches are struggles, distress and disappointments.


The life line

Life Line on hand


The length of the line does not correlate to the length of the life, this is a common misconception that often causes undue fear. The life line is all about physical well-being and the scope of life you will experience. Though a long line may indicate a life untroubled by serious health issues, a short one means the ability to overcome physical obstacles.

The depth and shape of the life line is more important than the length, with a faint line indicating someone who is low energy who does not seek adventure. A broken life line shows a change in your way of living, accident or illness, where as a chained life line is signals someone plagued by emotional or health problems.


The Fate Line

Fate Line on hand


These are not necessarily clear and are often absent from one or both hands. The fate line is the least straightforward of the four main lines and involves many aspects of luck, success and of course, fate. The hand you are reading indicates whether the fate is external (right) or internal (left). A strong and long fate line on your right hand shows a dedication and purpose to the tasks you set yourself in your career. The same line on the left hand shows the commitment of an individual to family and close friends.

Fate lines can stretch from the heel of the hand up to middle (Saturn) finger or can be no more than a few centimetres long. Long fate lines signify someone who is focused and rigid in their goals, while those with shorter fate lines or absent fate lines are more free-spirited and happy to pick up or drop projects as they choose. A person whose fate line stops when it is intersected by the head line, may fail to fulfil their potential when working with others and succeeds of solo projects, while a fat line that is stopped by the heart line identifies a person who struggles to make decisions independently from their emotions.


Minor Lines


These lines are less likely to be visible and most people with have a collection of these lines but rarely have all of them. While an individual may have a children lines on one hand, they may not be visible on the other, or they may be absent completely.


Bracelet lines

Bracelet lines on hand/wrist


It is likely that there are two or three of these with the most defined close to the palm and fading as they extend down the arm. If the first line is without any breaks or chains, it indicates a healthy life, while breaks or chains show overindulgence or a lack of care regarding physical health. The second bracelet line signifies financial expectations, with a clear and defined line denoting success and a chained or broken line implying disappointment. The third bracelet line (if visible) is your influence within your community or peers, with definition suggesting recognition.


Girdle of Venus

Girdle of Venus on hand


The Girdle of Venus swoops around the middle and fourth finger and suggests a person of extremes. Whether that be nervous or excited, this person is likely to seek new experiences. They could be deeply sensitive or temperamental if the girdle has a break.


Relationship lines


This horizontal line is a little like a life line, as in length does not matter, instead it is all about intersections, branches and forks. It is more about commitment with longer or more defined lines showing serious and impactful relationships, while short or faint lines may imply an inability to connect on a deeper level. A fork at the end is a sign of indecision and parting, whether or not that be as serious as divorce, while branches show opportunities and indecision.


Children Lines

Child Lines on hand


The child lines intersect the relationship lines and is thought to expose the number of children or potential children you will have. A broader belief of the children line is that it is the significant people in your life that you will influence. The children lines that intersect the relationship lines are easy to interpret, but those that have no intersection are thought to come later in a relationship or be from an alternative source (like an influenced person, not necessarily a child). It is thought the longest line will be the favourite child.


Intuition lines

Intuition lines on hand


This line is all about the individual’s interaction with others. Intuition lines show up in those particularly in tune to other people’s feelings and emotions. These sensitive souls may struggle in crowds due to the overwhelming empathy they feel for others. This is likely to alter from hand to hand, and if this is the case, then as with many people the individual is likely to struggle with their sensitivity to others pain and the spiritual plane. Most often intuition lines are broken, but if not it can advertise a gifted psychic or prophet. Those with strong intuition lines are also more open to the spiritual realms, and more likely to benefit from tarot or psychic readings.

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