The Four Seasons of the soul: Shifts within the seasons of ourselves

Posted on 19th February 2014

As we experience the changes in our natural surroundings we can observe how the outer world reflects what is within ourselves. All over the fields, the land is starting to thaw and get over the frost of winter and agriculturalists prepare to plough and sow seeds for following season of crops. The Initial Spring bulbs and shoots begin to appear, and trees additionally begin to bud because the sun returns brighter and warmer.  Spring Plants such as Snowdrops and crocuses are shooting up through the melting frost and snow. As shoots begin to flourish with the nurturing Earth, as will we grow our own spiritual roots to reconnect with ourselves and Nature. 

Names for the moon throughout this point of year given by the Celts and Medieval England are Snow Moon, Ice Moon, or Storm Moon these names are given to this period of seasonal shift brought the heaviest snow storms, or signs of an early spring time would commence with early lambing and budding snow-drops and crocuses. With several animals still deep in hibernation or not yet came back from their winter migrations, hunting conditions were harsh and  the soil was still too cold for planting crops that is why Native Americans historically call this time the Hunger Moon. Relationships prosper when there is an open flow of communication. Prosperity results when we balance the inflow with the outflow. Go with the flow and you will reach the source. 

Diane Cooper 2004, the streams, lakes and rivers of our lands begin to melt.  During the time of thawing we can experience Nature's energies and reflect the Law of Flow. The Universe we live in is made up of energy, which is constantly shifting, changing and fluctuating, flowing like a river.  Nothing is static, it is constantly moving.  Nothing and no-one is untouched or separated by others.  A single drop of water causes ripples in a still pond that turns into tidal waves on the other side of the world. An act of kindness for a stranger inspires them to perform a good deed of their own. If you can, try to visit a natural body of water such as a local stream or river, and observe how the fluidity of the water fills empty spaces as it flows down the bank.  If the flow of the river is disturbed with obstructions, the river will eventually overflow.  Water represents our emotions; we shed tears of great joy and deep sadness.  If something blocks our natural flow of energy, our emotions may bubble up and spill over. 

Relationships with our family, friends and loved ones may also become stuck if our emotions are blocked and become a stagnate pool of emotion.   If our emotions are blocked, our creativity flow may also feel dammed up.  Does your creativity feel blocked?  Does it feel as though your ideas or passions have become stagnant and stuck?  Or does creativity seize you, your inspiration coming in torrents and bursts, sometimes leaving you feeling like you've crashed on the rocks?  When we feel balanced, creative energies flow serenely at a pace we can handle without feeling dried up or flooded with energy.   If we hold onto old emotions, the old negative memories may prevent us from filling the void with new happy memories and experiences.  As soon as we clear our blocks and let go of what no longer serves us, the Law of Flow will ensure something fresher will take its place.  It is our choice whether we replace the blocks with more obstructions, or if we shift our awareness to attract something better to flow in.  If we have the same thoughts then the same blocks will appear again, but if we start making changes, even the smallest of differences will encourage a different energy to come in.


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