Seasonally Single

Posted on 2nd December 2014

Relationships change with the seasons. Whether you are married, co-habiting or attached it is highly probable you will experience natural shifts in the relationship’s dynamics that coincide with seasonal change. If you’re perpetually single, you are also quite likely to see the changes as alterations in the pattern of behaviour of your date.

When to try your luck? There are certain time periods in the year that positively influence the way we think about love, romance and relationships. These key periods are the festive weeks around Christmas and New Year and the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. More people pair up around these periods because our focus is on love and romance and caring and sharing. If you’re looking for love these auspicious calendar periods are ideal for trying your luck.   When love is in the air you simply have to embrace the opportunities and put on your most engaging smile. 

Knowing exactly what you would like from a love match also helps you filter out loose connections, like casual serial daters and potential partners who already have partners. You can only get lucky once you have defined your ideal relationship choice. Anything else is simply chance.  

Double your Chances  If you want to double your chances of finding love a spiritual or psychic reading can help you identify any emotional or physical blocks that are presently halting the flow of love and romance in your direction. A tarot reading, working with a love or relationship spread, can provide insight and guidance regarding your single life and can also explore potential suitors waiting in the wings.  

When not to try your Luck. If you no longer want to be seasonally single focusing your attention on the love periods of the year provides the best opportunities for finding romance. The summer months are bad news for blossoming relationships mainly because we have a more laidback and carefree attitude to life. In fact May through to August is a positive time to simply go out and enjoy yourself, without switching on your love radar. As the seasons change our thoughts and expectations change too, so an opportunity to explore love will naturally present itself at the perfect time. Sunday to Tuesday are the best days to attract new romance simply because we are conditioned to start the week on a positive note. Also, if you’ve spent the weekend enjoying yourself and meeting new people there is every chance that you’ll be exploring interesting possibilities just as soon as you can. More break-ups tend to occur as the weekend approaches with the likely reason for this being that we generally start to reflect on why we’re not happy with what we have. Ending a dissatisfying relationship on Friday also leaves you free to enjoy the weekend with your friends!

Seasonal Change. If you have recently joined the ranks of the newly single use the seasonal shifts as an opportunity to heal or rejuvenate yourself, after the demise of your previous relationship. There is plenty of time to get yourself back out there, but not taking the time that you need may mean you take some love negativity into your next relationship.


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