Seasonal Tarot Gifts For Yourself

Posted on 22nd December 2016

If you’re a tarot fan, and regularly enjoy psychic tarot readings, you’ll already be aware of how powerful and empowering this metaphysical tool can be. Tarot can be used for spiritual and personal development, coaching and meditation, and divination. These beautiful symbolic cards can also be used for a number of creative and fun activities that you can enjoy every day.

Creative Exploration

The tarot is the perfect tool for opening your mind, and for creative exploration. The tarot also has many gifts that you can give to yourself. Whether your passion lies in the written word, or in artistic endeavours a deck of tarot cards can inspire you in many different ways. You can use the cards to create a spiritual connection that flows into your creative work. If you’re learning to interpret and read the tarot for yourself, you can expand your knowledge by taking inspiration from the cards. Boost your creativity when writing or using art materials. If you’re stuck for ideas the tarot can help you define a story plot or inspire you to create a visual masterpiece. Shuffle and lay the cards out like a storyboard, and allow the images to tell a story. Use your imagination and create a scenario that you can follow through the cards. If you want to use the tarot for visual inspiration meditate with a card to connect more deeply. You may ‘see’ images that inspire you to build on a theme. Whether you’re writing a blog, a short story or an epic novel, or creating the next Picasso style work of art, working with the tarot will strengthen your spiritual connection and motivate you to create something highly intuitive and original.

Culinary Delights

If you love food and fancy yourself as a bit of a MasterChef you can use the tarot to inspire your next culinary delight. Before using the tarot you will need to decide on whether you are looking for divine inspiration for one dish, or for an entire themed menu. Choose a tarot card and study the image closely. Take inspiration from the energy of the tarot card and use your imagination. As there are many different styles of tarot card decks your interpretation has free reign. Be as creatively decadent as you like.

Travels And Adventures

If you have a passion for travel the tarot can be a great resource for inspiring your next adventure. Whether you are planning to travel far and wide, or closer to home, the cards will motivate you to go out and explore. They can even be used as a travel game that takes you on a mystery tour from one place to another! Start by drawing a tarot card. Let’s say you select 'The Fool', you might be inspired to visit a coastal area so that you can stand on top of a cliff and admire the scenic view! If you’re playing an exciting adventure game the tarot card that you subsequently choose will tell you where to go next. Perhaps you select The Tower, and will now need to locate one on a map. Have fun exploring your imagination and learning more about how you can enjoy the tarot’s many gifts. 

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