Saturn in Aquarius 2020

Posted on 9th June 2020
ellie rose astrologer in thailand

Saturn is moving into Aquarius for most of 2020. Saturn takes 29 years to go through all signs of the zodiac so this is a rare shift - our first Saturn in Aquarius for 29 years! Things will be changing for many of us including our mindset, beliefs and the way we connect with others. We will be experiencing less emotional triggering and more clarity on who we are and what needs to be done, on a personal and collective level. Inspiration, individuality and insight are on their way! We're feeling braver and ready to stand out or stand up for what we believe in. People in their late twenties or fifties (with Saturn in Aquarius or Saturn in Leo in their natal charts) will experience their "Saturn Return" or "Saturn Opposition" bringing big changes to their lives. Watch the video below for more on Saturn in Aquarius 2020! And don't forget about my weekly horoscopes, always ready for you to enjoy here!

Much Love, Ellie Rose Astrologer xxx 

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