What Your Rising Sign Says About You

Posted on 6th June 2019
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What does your rising star sign say about you? Your rising sign, or “ascendant" is the constellation that was rising above the horizon at the time you were born. It explains how we act in the world and the way other people see us, kind of like the mask we wear. Because of this, it’s the rising star sign that’s easiest to guess – so give it a go, who do you know with each of these rising star signs?

Aries Rising Star Sign

You have a way of doing things like no other, in fact, you prefer not to be like everyone else if you can help it! Trying something new isn’t so scary to you and you’ll take risks if you know it’s for a good cause. You fight for what’s important to you, including your own independence, which can get you into trouble, but you’re a big kid at heart really!

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Taurus Rising Star Sign

You’re strong in body and mind and not easily swayed by other people’s opinions or demands. You see the world in your own way and refuse to do things that aren’t in line with your own personal values. This makes you a reliable friend and dedicated partner, though perhaps at times a little stubborn! Your patience and gentle way make other people feel safe around you and able to be themselves.


Gemini Rising Star Sign

You’re inquisitive and always seeking out new information, meeting new people and thinking about so many subjects – if something interests you, you’ll try to work it out, but this can mean you easily get bored of one thing (or person!). You’re fun to be around and friends love to chat with you. You’re a great guest as you really know how to lighten a mood and make people smile.


Cancer Rising Star Sign

To strangers, you can seem a little quiet or distant at first, but once they get to know you, they’ll find you warm, quirky and fiercely loyal. In fact, you care more about those you love than yourself and will happily put their needs first. You like to be comfortable, especially when it comes to taking action, so you’ll often suss out a situation before moving forward, making you cautious yet strategic.


Leo Rising Star Sign

If your friends had to vote who’s the most fabulous, you’d easily win. You have your own signature style and people tend to notice you, however, you don’t take yourself too seriously and are happiest when playing and joking. You’re least happy when being disrespected or ignored, but you forgive easily, have the biggest heart and warm to people quickly and fondly.


Virgo Rising Star Sign

At first glimpse, you could be shy or perhaps even stand-offish, however, you’re one of the deepest and most caring of all the signs, as well as the sexiest! You keep your cards close to your chest, but when you connect with someone, you’re as loyal as they come. You’re the last person to ever be rude or inconsiderate and expect others to do the same, but you’ll happily give your last chocolate to those you love.


Libra Rising Star Sign

Look up the word “charming" in the dictionary and it will surely have your picture underneath! You really know all the right things to say and you look gorgeous while doing it. You have a naturally easy way about you, but behind the scenes you’re always thinking. You value fairness and harmony and no one can ever win an argument against you, however, when things don’t go as expected you can feel unsettled until you learn to trust your own decisions.


Scorpio Rising Star Sign

Out of all the rising star signs, you’re the easiest to guess as your intensity is hard to miss. When people talk with you it feels like you’re looking straight through them which can make some people uncomfortable and others drawn to you. Despite first appearances, you’re actually light-hearted and deeply caring, but you only accept those with sincerity in their heart, and boy can you tell the difference!


Sagittarius Rising Star Sign

You’re liked by many for your honesty, fun-loving nature and generosity. You’re the person most would love to have by their side on a road trip or adventure as you’re a pro at conversation and know how to keep the vibes high. However, there is such a thing as too much honesty and sometimes it’s better to be grounded and practical, even if you usually have fantastic luck!


Capricorn Rising Star Sign

You’re impressive, you look good, and you know how to win people over, whoever they may be. But it’s not just outer appearances that impress, you’re also talented, dedicated and ambitious, but sometimes you can get a little caught up in what you’re achieving (or not achieving) and you can forget to just “be" Those close to you know that you’re as loyal as they come and underneath it all you’re a softy really!


Aquarius Rising Star Sign

If you weren’t the cool kid at school, you certainly are now, at least in the way that you don’t actually care what anyone thinks of you! Everything you do is coloured with your own individual style and you’re happiest connecting with people who think like you or exchanging ideas with those who think differently. While you’re not the most comfortable in the spotlight, you make a great motivator and can find a solution to any problem.


Pisces Rising Star Sign

You’re creative to the core and imagination is your lifeblood. When you’re not creating or thinking creatively you feel stuck and dull, like all the colour ran out of the world. Because of this, you can be a little unpredictable, since you need to feel stimulated in order to partake fully in the world. However, you are deep and sensitive and always try to truly understand people.



What’s your rising star sign? Do any of the above rising signs sound like you. or like someone you know? Feel free to comment on our social media channels. Much Love,

Ellie Rose x  



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