The Relationship Bubble Technique

With an estimated 7,500,000,000 people on Earth it’s not in the least bit surprising that you’re not going to get along with everyone. In fact, most of the people that you encounter, in challenging and difficult situations, are aligned with your soul so that you can learn about yourself from the relationship experience. The aggressive boss, the assertive colleague, the bossy neighbour, the manipulative lover, the stubborn and willful child etc are in your life right now so that you can learn how to be a better version of you.

Some relationships are naturally easier to navigate and manage than others. Your life experience would be very dull if you got along with everyone in the same way. Although some connections may be challenging, there is a technique that you can apply to help you alter the relationship dynamics.

The Technique

The most powerful time to work with the relationship bubble is the 10-15 minutes before you begin to drift off to sleep, or just as you are waking up. It’s just as effective if you practice the technique at bedtime or afternoon naptime.
Get comfortable and close you eyes. Visualise a beautiful luminous and transparent bubble. This bubble is big enough to accommodate 10-20 people. See the bubble float up into air and continue to rise upwards. Imagine yourself floating weightlessly towards the bubble. As you reach it, a portal opens up so that you can step inside.
Inside the bubble are two comfy armchairs facing each other. Take a seat, and get comfortable.
As you look down through the transparent bubble you can see someone arriving, and stepping in through the portal opening. Welcome them and ask them to take a seat. In the chair opposite you, visualise the person that you are having a difficult time with. This could be anyone in your life.
Begin the conversation by expressing your feelings and letting them know what it is that you want to resolve. Be open and honest.
Allow this person an opportunity to reply. In the relationship bubble you are safely cocooned and nothing can hurt you.
After you have both spoken, sit together for a moment, before you bid the person goodbye. Visualise the bubble floating downwards towards Earth, as you nod off to sleep.

Practice this technique every night for a week and watch for signs of external improvement in your connections. You will find that the challenging person has miraculously mellowed and is more amiable, approachable, friendly and/or nice towards you!

When to Use It

The relationship bubble is a simple technique that you can use to resolve personal issues with anyone. You can also use this powerful technique to improve or enhance relationships that are working for you. Boosting the love connection with your partner, or strengthening the bond with your child or best friend, will help you to fully experience harmonious relationships with the people who really matter to you.
The relationship bubble can also help you to attract people who are perfectly aligned with your vibration into your life. This could be a lover, a business connection or clients, or new friends to socialise with. When you arrive in the bubble, invite the energy of the perfect match to join you. Let this person know why you want them in your life.
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