Raise Your Positive Vibes

Posted on 25th August 2016

Positive good vibrations ensure that you are in the flow and experiencing joy and happiness. Unfortunately sometimes these high vibes take a nosedive and that blissed out feeling disappears. To raise your vibration with ease, so that discord doesn’t affect your happy feelings, follow our 7 simple steps…  

  1. Think Positive Thoughts. Thoughts become things, so make sure that you fill you head with your dream reality. Choose feel good thoughts that uplift your mood and spirit. If you find that life situations and challenges negatively impact on your thoughts, adjust your thinking by focusing on something that makes you smile or feel happy inside. This little shift will create a huge impact on your outcome. Thank those negative thoughts for reminding you to think happy!
  2. Make Room For Meditation. As little as 5-10 minutes of daily meditation practice can have a beneficial impact on your health and wellbeing. Make time for silence and solitude every day. This is the spiritual space that you need to connect with your true authentic Self. Tune into the Higher power and tap into your intuition at the same time. This positive action will help you remain balanced throughout the day.
  3. Feed Your Soul. Choose foods that have a higher vibration, to ensure your vibes stay high. Eat organic fruits, fresh veggies, nuts, soy and virgin olive oil. Avoid low vibrational processed and junk food, and limit dairy, caffeine and sugar. Eating nutritious healthy foods that benefit your psychic and spiritual health is beneficial to your mood and positive vibrations. It is also a good idea to reduce alcohol intake and to increase the amount of water that you drink.
  4. Tune Into Your Musical Soundtrack. Pay attention to the music that you choose to listen to. Lyrics that contain references to hate, pain, violence and fear send negative subliminal messages to your subconscious. Tune into feel good tunes that make you feel happy and glad to be alive. Music that makes you want to sing along, or dance around the kitchen will have a positive uplifting impact on your soul.
  5. Switch Off The TV. Switch off the negative news, violent dramas and superficial reality TV shows. The constant stream of low vibrational TV shows and influential commercials that are brought directly into your home is designed to affect your mood. Choose to relax with a good book instead, or learn to be super selective about your viewing choices.
  6. Detach From Toxic People. The people you hang out with have a big impact on your energy levels.  Choose to surround yourself with positive people who are supportive, empowering, and who share your outlook on life. Steer clear of toxic people who feed off your positive vibes at every opportunity.
  7. Practice Random Acts Of Kindness. To feel really good practice random acts of kindness without expecting anything in return – not even a thank you. Follow your heart and help others who are less fortunate than you. Donate your time or money to a good cause. Pay for someone’s groceries or coffee. Smile and compliment everyone you meet. Every act of kindness will uplift your vibration higher and higher.

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