Quick Ways To Strengthen Your Aura


Your aura is the invisible protective shield that is an extension of you. When the aura is working to full effect it creates an impenetrable bubble that blocks stressful or negative energy from draining you. The aura is made up of layers of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. When this protective field is weakened or damaged it can leave you feeling sluggish, tired or completely drained.

There are many easy ways to strengthen the aura, and to ensure that negative vibes are not bringing you down.

Cleansing Bathing Ritual

Swimming in the ocean is a natural and highly effective way to scrub the aura clean. The salt water helps to draw out negative stress from the aura. If you don’t have easy access to the sea you can achieve similar benefits from a cleansing bathing ritual.

If you enjoy relaxing and soaking in the bath add 1lb of baking soda and 1 cup of sea salt to the bath water. Immerse yourself and allow the toxins to be removed. Get out of the bath if you start to feel a little dizzy.

If you prefer to shower, apply a sea salt scrub all over the body before stepping into the cubicle. Once the scrub is showered off your aura will be cleansed and refreshed.

Smudge Yourself

Smudging is a popular way to clear negative energy. You can use a smudge stick to remove negativity from your home, so that you have a ‘clean’ environment in which to maintain a balanced aura.

Smudging yourself is easy to do. Light the smudge stick and waft the smoke towards you with your hand. Direct it over the head and face, to the front, back and sides of the body, and under your feet. Working in a spiral pattern, from top to bottom, is the most effective method.

Connect With Nature

Getting outside in nature maximises the energy of your aura. Being exposed to fresh air and sunlight on a regular basis helps to maintain a balanced aura. Take your shoes off and walk barefoot on the grass for a while. All negativity will be drained away.

Activate Sound Healing

The harmonic sound made by Tibetan singing bowls and crystal bowls helps to dissolve negativity, whilst also cleansing your energy field. Chanting the word ‘Om’ can also help to shift stagnant energy from your aura.

Charge Up With Crystals

There are many powerful healing crystals that can be effectively used to strengthen your aura.

Known as the healer’s stone, labradorite heals tears and damage in the auric field, and helps to prevent energetic leakage. To benefit from the crystal’s healing energy, hold it in your hand for 20 minutes or so. Ametrine (which combines amethyst and citrine) will also heal any holes in your aura.

Smoky quartz will shield you from other people’s stress and negativity. To detach from unpleasant and negative thoughts, carry a piece of kunzite crystal with you.

To remove the radiation emitted by electrical gadgets use lepidolite. Place the crystal by the TV or computer.

Using The Power Of Intention

Your thoughts have the power to attract positivity towards you. To reduce stress on the aura, set the intention to maintain a positive high vibration. Your intention will help you to minimise the weakening of the auric field, that is usually caused by interaction with other people who bring negative energy into your aura. Pay attention to people, places and situations that zap you of your energy and leave you feeling drained. Set the intention to prevent any leaching of your energy.

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