Questions NOT To Ask The Tarot

Posted on 5th January 2017

If you are looking for an insightful and empowering tarot reading experience asking the right questions is crucial. It is helpful to pause to consider what you most want to know, prior to the reading. Preparing a short list of pointers will help you to stay on track when asking the psychic reader for information and spiritual guidance. To ensure that the tarot reading is ultimately helpful there is a long list of questions that are best to avoid.

Don’t Ask:

Will my lover ever leave his wife or girlfriend for me?

Questions that focus on another person’s life bring up issues regarding privacy and accuracy of information. Not every psychic reader is comfortable delving into someone else’s private life without their consent. Any information given is also delivered from your perspective, and may not give you the answers that you are hoping to hear.

What’s the name of my soul mate?

Tarot cards can’t accurately provide the names of significant people in your life. They can be effectively used to identify personality traits, and also the type of person that is best suited to you. Many people also don’t fully understand what the term ‘soul mate’ actually means, and may simply want to know if any type of relationship is on the horizon.

Should I take the job?

Whenever you ask the tarot questions that ask permission you are disempowering yourself. It’s important to take responsibility and accountability for your own life, and this includes making choices and decisions. If you want to know if accepting the job is likely to be your best decision, ask questions that focus on what you can expect if you accept the position.

Am I pregnant?

The quickest and easiest way to find out if you are pregnant is to do a pregnancy test, or to visit your GP. Medical diagnosis and treatment advice is always best left to the trained professionals, and not a psychic reader.

Will I win the court case?

Like health issues, legal matters are always best handled by trained professionals. Many psychic readers are not willing to delve into the energy of legal matters and will tell you so. Instead, consider asking about what you can do to improve your situation and chances of success. You can also explore matters that surround the court case that you may not already know.

When will I die?

Tarot readings are intended as a form of guidance and are not predictions. If you really want to know the date of your death perhaps you should think about why it is that you need to know.

Do Ask:

The best tarot reading questions are those that elicit information that empowers you to make the best choices and decisions. These open-ended questions focus on things that influence situations and circumstances, so that you can gain a better understanding. Always ask questions that focus on You, and not on other people. This ensures that you are given insightful guidance that is positive for your spiritual journey. 

When you have your questions ready, call one of our experienced psychic readers today.


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