The purpose of gemstones in a psychic reading

Not only are gemstones a bi-product of the mixture of different minerals found in rocks, but they also hold beautiful, healing characteristics when used in psychic and spiritual readings. There are many varieties of gemstones and the way in which they are used, but for psychics and tarot readers in particular, gemstones are a powerful tool that enhance and clarify their clients reading.

How are they used?

Like all natural and element based tools in psychic work, gemstones are a source of energy that heighten the spiritual self and also promote healing. You may find when attending a psychic reading that the reader will have gemstones laid out on the table in front of them. This is to re-balance the energies that are presented in the room between the reader and yourself, but mainly so the reader can tune into the spirits or their intuition more closely for a clearer outcome.

What types of gemstones are there and what do they mean?

Below are just some of the popular gemstones used in readings and they all pay a crucial role in optimising the reader’s vision.

    Clear Quartz – Clear Quartz is a highly recommended stone in psychic readings as it will amplify the reader’s ability to hear or see messages that are struggling to come across. Clear Quartz allows the reader to sift the higher spiritual messages from the irrelevant, making this particular gemstone a very popular tool.

    Amethyst – Amethysts are a very popular gemstone and are used in jewellery and other hand-made crafts. Their natural properties enable deeper mental control and awareness of messages and meanings that are presented either in everyday life or a reading. Amethysts range from a light lavender colour right through to deep purples and come in a range of sizes and cuts.

    Tigers Eye – Named after the pattern that surrounds the stone which mimics a tiger’s eye, this gemstone highlights the strengths and weaknesses within the psychic themselves and helps to recognise the talents and abilities that they possess, meaning they can concentrate on working towards a higher spiritual self.

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