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I offer sensitive empathic Tarot readings and Reiki Distance Healing. I will answer your questions and help you to find a new direction in your life.
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I am an experienced psychic Tarot card reader. I can offer guidance in many areas, such as love, career, home, finance, family, friendship. The reading will be delivered with empathy, warmth, and sensitivity. You will be free to ask questions and interact within the reading. I use Tarot cards, my psychic skills, and a pendulum. I am also a Reiki Practitioner and hold a Certificate in Basic Counselling.

Skills and Services I offer

I offer sensitive empathic Tarot readings and Reiki Distance Healing. I will answer your questions and help you to find a new direction in your life.

The experience I provide

You will get an honest reading and I will focus on any areas of your life that are causing problems at that time. I will also give you hope for the future. Tarot can uncover possibilities that may not have occurred to us at this present time. Everyone has choices they must take in life and Tarot can offer suggestions and advice but you are always free to choose your own direction.

My most memorable experience with a caller

My callers have had a sensitive, empathic and honest reading. They have often felt happier and more motivated to move forward with their lives.

Why choose Me for your reading

I am a very honest reader. I only give what I get. You are free to ask questions and interact with the reading. I can focus on any area that is important to you at the time, and help you to move forward with your life.

I have been reading Tarot for over 15 years. I use Tarot cards, Oracle cards and a pendulum for my readings. I am also guided by my spirit guides who help me choose and interpret the cards. My grandmother was a medium and I believe that some of her gifts have been passed down to me. I am psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient and empathic.
I feel a strong bond with my Tarot cards. I like to hold the cards in my hand and shuffle them. When I look at the cards and connect with your voice vibration, this connects me with your energy and enables my guides and spirits not only to choose the cards but also to help interpret them. I often get words or images coming into my head and this allows me to give you a more personal reading. I can look at all aspects of your life – the past, the present and the future. Some people have had difficult lives but I believe that things happen for a reason. Working together we may be able to uncover the reasons why things are going wrong and give you some choices and suggestions to enable you to change direction and move forward with your life. You may need to let go and heal things from the past that are still giving you pain and holding you back. The reading that you receive from me will be personal, professional and sensitive to your needs. I am empathic, sensitive and caring and aim to give you a reading that will answer your questions and allow you to move forward with your life.



2022-02-06 22:40:29

It was a pleasure to have a reading from you. Thank you for making me know that my future is indeed something to look forward too. You have a lovely spirit and very relaxed In turn making me very relaxed. It was a beautiful accurate reading. Thanks for touching on my work and promotions so positive. Thank you thank you thank you. I will definitely be having another reading in the future.


2021-02-03 15:19:59

she is a nice lady and gives you quite good reading. help you to understand the situation and you feel satisfied.


2020-05-26 11:18:00

Very direct reading. Covered both positive and negative points which is always good. Very happy with the reader

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