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A photo of Kephra - at Psychic Future

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Age 58 - Star Sign Leo
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My name is Kephra, I'm a natural psychic and I developed several skills based in Manchester. Throughout my life I have had a deep interest in spiritual and unexplained subjects. This started to really manifest itself during my teenage years but even as a child I remember feeling 'different' from other people; from the age of fourteen I began studying and by my early twenties I moved more into spirituality, researching methods like meditation, visualisation and distant healing. It was then that I also began to teach myself Tarot reading based first on myself, then on friends. Towards my middle twenties a clairvoyant recognised such gift in me, she also told me that I would develop it more as I got older. This has come true, and together with the Tarot experience I have had for thirty-four years, my personal skills include knowledge of the Runes, which is a Nordic divination system that employs an alphabet of twenty-four symbols +a blank one, usually these were individually carved on wooden disks or engraved in stones these days they're also painted on cards, the Runes give a deeper angle of life in their answers. My natural clairvoyance has greatly developed in the last twenty years, within this gift there are three aspects: clear seeing in the form of visions,images,energies,etc. clear hearing(clairaudience) distinctly hearing messages from the spirit world and ours, and finally there is clear sensing(clairsentience) which allows me to connect to any given situation past, present and future and feel the details around it, usually when I use clairvoyance all of these aspects come into play and overlap each other. Another natural skill I have is dream interpretation, my mother had it too but mainly used it for her own life, no-one had taught her and she didn't teach me but I developed it slowly in the last twenty years. Because of my extensive studies and my natural skills and long term experience I can relate to people of different backgrounds, both cultural and religious with ease. My empathy towards all people that call me allows opening a two way communication, where we can look at any area of life, get answers and guidance as needed, I believe in the unique individuality of each of my callers take my time to connect to each person, to sense and understand who they are and what they are looking for, their need in the reading, with this I can answer simple everyday questions and expand into deeper knowledge of any subject if required. I�m strongly motivated by an enthusiastic approach to each reading mixed with a sense of humour, where appropriate, and a genuine willingness to deliver a clear insight into any given life situation see myself as fulfilling different roles but most of all I'm a messenger, a listener and a trusted conveyor of the real picture around each question or topic that arises. Many people have become my regular callers because they have found through the years that both the information received and the general atmosphere during each reading rings true to them. Call me today for a deep and empathetic reading.

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Very good reader. Straight to the point, very thorough and great insight. Thankyou kephra. I would definately use again!

Very bad

Best psychic reader out of all of the other ones. My mother and helpful and love her. Respect her and also she is polite calm and I have a good chat with her.

Always have great readings with Kephra :D

Same as dee, marie and jess. Gave her a second reading after complaining about the 1st one and asked more questions giving no answers

Very depressing and wrong

Kephra is a lovely lady and exceptionally gifted. Her reading was very intuitive. She is very talented and was able to interpret my questions and issues on several levels. A great reading...!!!

Brilliant reading!! lovely lady! This is my second reading with Kephra and both times the reading has been spot on for me, she answered all of my questions in great detail with accuracy. I Will definately be using again in the future. :-)

Great readings always!

felt quite depressed after this reading - especially after the other reviews -she was giving me advice rather than any kind of prediction so not what i was looking for

brill reading what I wanted to know I got told and was spot on. thank you kephra

I am waiting for your predictions to come true.. Thanks a million.

I am waiting for your prediction to come true.. Thanks tons..

I am waiting for your prediction to come true.. Thanks tons..

Fabulous reading straight to the point did not ask name or date of birth. Put mind at rest BUT gave an accurate reading.

Fourth reading with Kephra and was still consisitant with dates adn what was going on in my life. Again did not ask for my name or date of birth or star sign and just went into reading.

Fantastic ! Kephra connected with me immediately. She identified the confusion

Had a reading. Lovely lady. Did not waste time got to the point. Gave reading with compassion. Excellent Will use again

Excellent, emphatic and I have returned to Kephra several times in the last two years. Always connect immediately, she is very consistent. Your advice is much appreciated.

thank you, it was very accurate and honest.

Just had an amazing reading with Kephra where she went straight to the point of whatever question she was confronted with

Absolutely brilliant and reassuring. She did not ask my name or date of birth and went into her reading straightaway. Spoken to Kephra three times and she has been consistent in her readings. Hoping her predictions will come true. Thank you for putting my mind at ease.

I too had a lovelly inspiring reading by Kafhra. I would like to be able to tell her so.

I Had a Great Connection with Kephra, she is a good reader. Highly recommend you get a reading with her!

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