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Star Sign Taurus
Star Rating:

Hello, my name is Gypsy and I am a psychic tarot reader based in Wales. I have always known I was psychic, but I truly recognised I had a gift at 5 years old and from then on I accepted my connection with the spirit world and developed my skills with my spirit guides. I have been working professionally for the last 9 years. I use my psychic ability along with the tarot cards, and sometimes the angel cards, and have great strength using the pendulum. These tools assist me to give accurate and powerful readings. My predictions have been proven true on many occasions.

I specialise in love and relationship readings, but I can help guide you on your path wherever it may lead. I can read into people's minds and tell you exactly what the other person is thinking and what they are going to do. If you are struggling with a break up and want to know how things will pan out, I can also sense if they will come back to you. I can help ease any suspicions you may have about a partner who is up to no good and tell you what they are up to. If you are unsure in a relationship or you are just courting, I can find out what that person thinks of you.

I will always be honest as I feel it is my duty to share my gift with others responsibly and hiding the truth only leads to more pain down the line. Something else that I specialise in is past life regression; I can help you to find out who you were in a past life. I believe every human being has been another in a previous existence and I can take you back with me and help you find out who you were. This is an exciting experience and very informative as to what kind of person you are now.

Call me or pay online for a reading today and I will give an honest, in-depth reading, and I have an ability to put people at ease and help to direct you to your true path. Love and Light, Gypsy.


2020-05-10 21:38:36

Gypsy has a unique ability to tap into your present, past and future. She also articulates her readings very well so you are not left confused.

2020-03-01 23:20:00

Hey we got cut off and i apologise about that. Thank you, for helping me and guiding me on this night.

2020-02-23 16:54:56

Please be online so can call u, I am struggling with lots of stuff.

2019-12-29 19:45:54

Gyspy is a gifted psychic reader full of love and light. She has the ability to accurately tune into past, present and future situations. And displays such empathy and enthusiasm with her delivery. For unbiased, honest and factual spiritual guidance Gyspy is your lady. I am so grateful to have had such a beautiful reading from her. It was a real blessing!

2019-04-03 15:40:28

Five Stars to Gypsy .... Amazing Reader and she is spot on as always. Thanks Gypsy for an uplifting positive insight into my situation. You’re always accurate and honest. I highly recommend Gypsy to all my friends. Xxx

2019-01-27 12:17:04

Fantastic reading with her last night highly recommend spot on with everything would definitely have another reading with her very soon xx

2019-01-20 19:32:47

Gypsy is a very Gifted and an excellent Reader. She is very accurate and connects with me very well. Most of her predictions had come to pass as she predicted. I love talking to Gypsy as she gives me the insight I am looking for without my uttering a word, as she psychically picks up on what’s going on around me. Thank you Gypsy for all your guidance to date I highly recommend her. God Bless you xxxx

2017-09-28 14:11:34

This girl can tap into the truth. Its up to us what we do with it. Psychic readers can only guide us. Ultimatly it is up to us to follow truth or not. And also up to us to change our own lives. Noone else can do it for us. Thankyou gypsy for illuminating my path. I am now trying to bring it about. Despite all the nay sayers in my life and the parcticalities that are blocking it. I thankyou for sharing your gifts. And for comforting my pain and uncertainty and for helping me to believe in the longings of my soul to change my circumstances. Thankyou for your services to man and womankind love. Thankyou thankyou thankyou! youve fullfilled your soul mission of service to others and I wish you all the very best in life. Much love and gratitude SaraSerena X

2017-09-01 22:20:19

Love talking to Gypsy. She was absolutely spot on with my situation though I'd made no mention of it. She always lifts me up and her visions have helped to change what needed to be changed to move forward. Wonderful gift she has xx

2017-06-09 21:51:52

I've had a lot of readings from Gypsy and she is a lovely girl but after initial reading all the others were more chit chat and don't think she listened half the time. Not one of her predictions have came true and after 6 months don't think they will. If they do I will apologise for this review. But a lot better readers on this site who don't just tell you what you want to hear and I think Gypsys readings are too positive to try and make you feel good about yourself so you keep ringing her.

2015-10-15 21:01:19

Brilliant 5 star reader

2015-10-01 10:01:50

Thank you, Gypsy, for a very positive and uplifting reading. Your perception of my current situation was very accurate. .. and if your forecast for the immediate future is also accurate, I will be very happy indeed. Many thanks.

2015-09-27 00:26:35

Very good reading with positive out come. Nice lady too! Thank you. LNL x

2015-03-14 06:35:47

What can I say about this 5 Star reader Brilliant! All her predictions came true. If you really want to know what is happening in your life gypsy is the one to contact. I am looking forward to my next reading with you.

2014-11-17 12:30:58

Despite swearing by own prediction of contact within one week, sorry but it did not happen. There is no point in a "happy outcome" reading, even though its just for entertainment.

2014-10-27 22:30:46

A great motivating reading with very exact and precise details that could not have been guessed and were specific to me (including the nature of my birth and original due date?!?!?) and my intended (which has since checked out?!?) and she was just as excited about my future as I am. Will definately call again and would recommend.

2014-06-28 19:57:46

Cant believe what she said to me, absolutely brilliant. so sincere understanding and kind. Spot on with what she said. going to get in touchwith her later in the year, to let her know how things went. will recommend her to all my frieds. try her for yourself and see. amazing. thankyou.

2014-05-27 18:50:00

What can I say about this 5 Star readr brilliant! Picked up on my situation

2014-03-07 22:20:36

will i ever get good grades becasue i try very hard

2014-03-05 19:44:44

not sure. feeling like alot of questions and although it was very positive but alittle too over positive so i will be back to update. surely I cant get everything my way. just seemed too perfect. on the positive side. I hope your right and if you are i will be back to state this. thanks

2014-02-21 23:27:26

A very special reader when I down gypsy always picks me back up And makes me stay positive and strong, has helped me loads Highly recommend would even say she is better than anti depressants for myself x

2013-12-28 18:19:52

Always manages to lift my spirits when I can see no way forward, Gypsy is a God send, and her visions are amazingly spot on x

2013-10-26 19:49:51

A very very talented reader taught me how to stay positive A special person highly recommend thankyou so much gypsy xx

2013-09-09 20:32:05

Very special person spot on reading x

2013-08-26 22:27:30

Very friendly, spot on prediction wise, love her so much.

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