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Hi I am Crystal. I am based in Chester. I work as a Spiritual Counsellor / Spiritual Life Coach providing readings based on my clairsentience and the Tarot.

From an early age I have been aware of Spirit presence, always thinking that others could see as I did. However I did not start to work with my gifts until later in life when prompted by Spirit, my evolvement began. This led me to expand from simply reading the Tarot cards for friends, to broaden my reading circle to include friends of friends and then to an even wider circle, then onto the national and international phone lines. An arena which I work in with the greatest of pleasure, the Tarot always amazing me with its accuracy, providing knowledge not just of the past and present but the probable options and outcomes for the future.

My spiritual growth has continued since that time leading me to an even deeper and stronger level of heightened sensitivity and intuitive awareness,(I.e. clairsentience),which allows me, with the guidance and support of my spirit guides to continue to work to help others, even as I continue myself to learn in the higher levels of consciousness.

I know from my own life experience and that of many others, that so often when all seems to be crashing down around us and we feel emotionally exhausted and drained that the greater purpose of our life can often be about to be revealed to us. However it is at these very times when it is hardest just to keep going, much less think about spiritual growth. I understand just how difficult these times can be and so I provide warm, genuine honest and straightforward readings using the power of healing energy to uplift and strengthen you. In realising and reaching a new perspective and therefore understanding you will find yourself moving forward in your life confident and realising your own self-empowerment.

I give no false assurances. I work only in the Truth.

You deserve that.

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Crystal! I just adore your calming voice!xx

Crystal connected to me straight away and picked up on my many worries. She gave some interesting and informative direction. Will definitely speak to Crystal again. Very happy with my reading!

..Crystal is lovely to talk to and brilliant reader... Will be back for more...thank you. Love and light.

Outstanding in every way!

it was really nice speaking with you tonight..Most of the things you said were through about my relationship.I will surely speak to you again

Crystal is brilliant xx

Somehow the phone was disconnected and I was unable to reconnect. However I was still able to have a very good in depth reading which gave me some foresight and let me see I can trust my intuition. Thank you Crystal you have definitely helped me and given me plenty to think about. I recommend that anybody wanting clarification gives Crystal a call :-) xx

hi, I am trying to reach you but it says you are buzy but online you are apearing available...:!

Crystal you are such an amazing spiritual person and mentor so accurate with your readings. I never get the chance to tell you how much you have helped me progress as I am always intriged by what you have to say I could listen to you all night. I know I have moved forward in a very positive way where I needed to be and so much has been down to you. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and would highly recommend you for a reading to anyone who needs clarity in their life God Bless you Crystal xxx

Brilliant ..just brilliant thank you so much Crystal...xx

Thank you Crystal; you have a great understanding of the bigger picture of life, love and the universe.

i just broake up a 3year realationnhow does he feel about me now?i have a secone chance with my x boyfreind or move on.thank you .help

himy name is victoria bt would to be called vicky, im 31 years old l have 3 children, witch l love with all my heart, im a single mom ive bought my kids up on my own. ive tryed to meet the right person but l end up getting hurt, l just want someone who will be there for my children n me, chould u tell me if i,ll meet the right one n be happy, hope to hear from you soon, love vicky xx

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