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My name is cece and since childhood I am a gifted psychic &tarot card reader, past down throughout Generation of my Gran mother who did séances to communicate with Spirit and at times Ghost hunting, her palm readings and bones or tea cup were very precise indeed where I consider myself very fortunate to have inherited this gift also , in our modern time I shortened all. I consider myself as a Light worker /and can coach you in your spiritual using my clairvoyant of whose purpose is to guide you to achieve your highest possible potential in life, to guide you in lives decisions regarding money and business ,love, family, relationships, health, or any other areas that concern you. I offer tarot card readings, healing and aura cleansing as part of a comprehensive approach to your spiritual, emotional and physical well being. I also do dream interpretations, cross over such in pets and loved ones that have passed No matter what your fears, hopes or ambitions may be, there is no problem we cant solve together

Skills and Services I offer

Clairvoyant, astrology, medium, angel cards, healer, spiritual coach, tarot cards and love tarot. general and career readings

The experience I provide

Undivided attention, honesty and accuracy. I am a straight talker and will not waffle on

My most memorable experience with a caller

a lady once rang me because she had had her house upside down looking for earrings my guide told me to tell her they where down the sofa she rang me back an hour latter to tell me they where there and to thank me she had looked for over 3 months for them and had had the house to bits she reviled they wher her late grandmothers and couldnt thank me enough

Why choose Me for your reading

i Undivided attention, honesty and accuracy. I am a straight talker and will not waffle on

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2017-09-16 16:42:25

Very warm and nice person to talk to was very precise and caring straight answers and spot on

2017-09-10 22:18:33

It has been a while since I spoke with Cece but she was as warm as before and her reading was spot on! I hope all that she predicated comes to pass! thanks!

2015-12-16 01:09:05

Spoke to Cece last week she shocked me about how much she could tell me I have spoke to her yesterday again because I had been to a house party the night before Where a tarot reader had read my cards She told me exactly the same things as Cece had predicted would happen. I have thought about her readings all night at work I am 100/ sure Cece is genuine

2015-11-27 16:30:35

I have two readings from Cece, and the predictions she told me in the first all came true. I moved home, changed my job, Ihave has a brilliant reading again, Cece is very easy to talk to and her northen accent makes you feel at ease, best of all she doesnt ask you questions, but manges to come up with all the answers, I will be talking to you again soon

2015-08-28 01:12:08

Thank you Brilliant you r spot on!! I will call again x

2015-08-24 18:23:53

excellent reading!!! Thank you!!LnL

2015-08-20 14:13:37

Thank you so very much Cece! you were spot on! I hope the predictions pan out like you say! so good to speak to a fellow north easterner!

2015-08-01 12:25:41

last spoke to Cece 3 weeks ago and i did think what she was tellin me was a load of rubbish 3 weeks later i am like wow, every thing she said has basically happend, I had split from my girlfriend the night before she flew out to spain on holiday with friends, cece had told me she would come back with apresent of my favorate aftershave and knock on my door, Last night there ws a knock at the door there she was aftershave in hand and we are a couple once more,

2015-07-23 10:53:25

Thank you am still gobsmacked 2 days later, wanted my sister to have a reading but your off line. told me things from the past that there was no way she could have known about, also got a message through off my grandma which was so nice, Cece is so lovely to talk to and made me feel very warm inside, thank you for the healing you said you would send me as well xx aisha

2015-07-22 10:26:03

wow. Amazing brilliant spot on, will ring you again , and what a very nice caring person, doesnt ask questions, but comes up with all the answers,also puts you very at ease

2015-07-21 15:48:33

Thank you! Brilliant you r spot on!! I will call again! LnL x

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