Psychic Predictions for I am a Celebrity get me out of here 2014.

What an exciting line up of Celebrities for this year’s 2014 Jungle Challenge.
This year we are going to see tears, tantrums, triumphs and major bitching going on probably more so than any other year – its going to be a fun action packed camp for sure this time around. So here are our predictions based on both Psychic, Tarot & Star signs.IM_A_CELEBRITY_GROUP_01

Melanie Sykes, TV Presenter (Leo)
Very headstrong, and likes to rise to a challenge and is not one to hold back, will do amazingly well in the Jungle will win a place in the finals it if she can keep her emotions in check, focus and not get drawn into the petty camp squabbles. Definitely tipped to win this year.

Carl Fogarty – Super Bikes – (Cancer)-
A little shy at first, but once he finds his feet in the camp will set about making a comfortable home. Will sometimes get emotional and retreat back into his shell. Will find the camp pretty hard going. But likes a challenge and is no quitter and can cope under extreme pressure – a real contender to win.

Kendra Wilkinson – Model & Playboy Bunny – (Aries)
A natural born leader who will quickly take control of the group. Likes challenges and should do well at the Bush tucker Trials. One who could surprise us all. Will keep the male population enthralled in the rain shower. Could she win this – a definite outsider who if she can hold it together could come second or third.

Jimmy Bullard – Footballer – (Libra/Scorpio).
Born right on the cusp Jimmy is neither all one sign or the other, and much can be said of him in real life. He can sit on the fence one minute or jump off and sting you without so much as a backwards glance. Jimmy wants to win this for himself. He will cope very well. Has the determination to win, and show the public he is not just a pampered footballer, but someone who has the edge if only he can stay focused.

Michael Buerk News Reader – (Pisces)
a natural born helper. Always willing to go the extra mile for his team mates, will cope very well under the most extreme conditions, calm and rational and will bring order to the camp. May be a bit too lame for some viewers but will be a firm favourite nonetheless.

Gemma Collins – Towie Reality Star – (Aquarius).
Hold on to your seat and get ready for fireworks as this lady is set to throw the dynamite into the camp. Will be everyone’s friend to begin with. The saying Rule & Divide could almost have been written for Gemma. She will divide everyone and cause friction in the camp. Could she win, No. But she will be kept in by the public who will love seeing the day to day chaos she causes. Will she cope, no Gemma loves things her way, and also likes her food and can get very grumpy when things don’t go her way.

Craig Charles – Actor/Singer – (Cancer).
Ruled by his emotions with a little Gemini influence thrown in for good measures, he can be quite cruel and sadistic and can hurt others feelings without really thinking. Will be a good match for some of the other camp mates. Won’t cope brilliantly and chances of winning not good.

Nadia Forde – Model -(Taurus ).
Will not cope well with change, likes security and to have things in a set order, although a tough cookie who once she sets her mind to a task wont give in easily. Not predicted to win.


Tinchy Stryder – Musician/Rapper – (Virgo).
Will spend the first few days analysing everyone and working out a strategy. Can be very stand offish likes things done in a specific way and will instantly take dislikes to some of the other camp mates. Sadly not tipped to win this one.


Vicki Michelle – Actress -(Sagittarius) .
An eternal optimist who will always try to look on the good side of everything and end up disappointed when the rose tinted spectacles come off – wont cope at all well in the camp will find herself day dreaming and critical of other camp mates who don’t come up to her standards and ideals. Win rating – No.


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