Your Psychic Christmas Survival Guide

Posted on 9th December 2016

Not everyone looks forward to the seasonal merriment of Christmas. If like many other people you’re dreading the festive season, and secretly wishing that you could give it a miss, you need the help and advice of our Psychic Christmas Survival Guide. Minimise Christmas stress and anxiety with our helpful and practical tips. You may even end up thinking that the holiday period is actually a magical time of the year!

Make Christmas Uniquely Special

Don’t give a thought to how other people celebrate the festive season. For many, materialism and consumerism are unfortunately at the top of the list of seasonal priorities. Decide what’s ideal for you and your loved ones, and break with traditions if this feels right for you. Make your New Year’s resolution early by resolving to make Christmas a special time that’s enjoyable, meaningful and perfect for you. If you are spending Christmas alone, or facing the festivities whilst grieving the loss of a loved one, cut yourself some slack and let go on the need to celebrate as other people do. After all, Christmas Day is just another day. If you prefer to spend this time quietly on your own, make it a special day of reflection and remembrance. Focus on self-love and spoil yourself with little treats and indulgences that make you feel good. Clear away those stagnant and old festive memories with a smudge stick. Smudge your home as you visualise the past making way for a prosperous New Year.

Forgive & Forget

It’s time to forget about all of those previous miserable Christmases, and to look forward to what’s yet to come. Christmas is the perfect time to let go of grudges, hurts and pain, and to begin the process of healing. If you are celebrating with loved ones and family at this time, seek out opportunities to finally put old disputes to rest. The season of goodwill begins when you let go of the past. Forgive and make peace with loved ones, and yourself. Open your heart and fill it with love and compassion. You can then let go of emotional pain and exchange it for blissful inner peace and serenity. Let go of any seasonal expectations and be gracious and grateful for every moment. A beautiful Rose Quartz crystal will help to boost self-love and open your heart to healing and unconditional love. Carry this pretty gemstone in your pocket throughout the day.

Enjoy The Spirit Of The Season

Although you may not feel in a jolly, festive mood embracing the spirit of Christmas will inspire you to make the best of it. Christmas is a special day that is every bit as much for you, as it is for everyone else. Focus on your own enjoyment of this time. Appreciate the company of the people you love, and enjoy the delicious seasonal food and drink that’s on offer. There’s no need to max out your credit card by spending a fortune buying gifts. Give loved ones something far more meaningful, and inexpensive – your precious time and loving energy. Christmas can be an emotional time for many people and your love and support at this time is priceless. Give from the heart, and not from the pocket. Create happy new memories that you can recall and reflect on, during future Christmases. Spread the love, by rubbing a white candle with fragrant essential oil. Choose Rose, Jasmine or Sandalwood oils. As the candle burns brightly visualise your home being filled with unconditional love, happiness and peace. 

If you’re spending Christmas alone, call one of our experienced psychic readers for spiritual insight at this special time.


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