Powerful Morning Rituals To Set You Up For The Day

Posted on 1st March 2017

Starting the day with a powerful ritual can extend the positive and lasting effect throughout the day. The time that you wake is the moment that your mind begins to shift from the subconscious stages of sleep, into the conscious state of reality. It is during this time of transition that your heart and mind are completely open to all possibilities. Use the natural power of the morning to raise your frequency vibration, so that you have boundless positive energy to get you through the day. To enjoy the benefits of morning rituals you will need to set your alarm to wake you up 30 minutes earlier than usual. It is the first 30 minutes of each day that determines your energy and mood for the remainder of the 23.5 hours!

The Benefits Of Morning Rituals

Regardless of the actual time that you get out of bed, the morning is a powerful time for inner exploration. As you transition between sleep to a wakeful state you take your soul’s wisdom and guidance with you. Kick starting your morning with a powerful ritual will help you to:

  1. Maintain a positive high vibe
  2. Become more creatively productive
  3. Feel motivated and inspired
  4. Tune into your intuition
  5. Be open to possibilities

Powerful Morning Rituals

When creating a powerful morning ritual it’s a great idea to mix and match, and to use your intuitive imagination. Your morning ritual should always be a positive and enjoyable experience that you look forward to on waking, and not something that you want to rush through to get it out of the way. Start your daily ritual with gratitude. Give thanks for your restful sleep and comfortable bed, and take a moment to express gratitude for all of the opportunities that will come your way today. Close your eyes and practice visualisation. Picture your perfect day unfolding and ‘see’ yourself achieving your desired outcome. Set your intentions by connecting with your heart so that your request comes from the soul, and not the ego. Five to ten minutes of meditation can help you to open up your creativity, so that you can use it to become more productive and efficient in your work. You can focus entirely on deep breathing for the duration. Or you can use this time to connect with your spiritual and angelic guides. Choose a positive motivational affirmation or mantra that you can use as a reminder throughout the day. Something as simple as “I am love and light" or “this is the best day ever" can have a big impact on how you feel as you go about your daily business. You can work through all of the ritual stages in the morning, or you can choose to focus on a different one on each new day. It’s up to you to decide how powerful and energised you want to feel.

On Getting Out Of Bed

Exercise is a great way to get dormant energy flowing. As you get out of bed practice a few yoga poses and gentle stretches, or have a dance around your bedroom. These movements will raise your vibration and uplift your mood. When you hit the shower, imagine the water washing away all negativity. Give yourself an aura cleanse by visualising a cascade of radiant white light cleaning away the past. You can then step out of the shower feeling brand new. 

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